15 May, 2009

Twitter Counter Website Count API Down?

Twitter Counter is the ultimate twitter statistics provider website that allows you to display widgets that show the number of Twitter users following you in real time! But their server widget API seems to have been down for the past 48 hours since as you can see from my side widget that it is displaying my Twitter followers count at 398 whereas my current follower status is 433 and increasing by the minute !According to the site my twitter rank globally is at position 66,772.I find that impressive .In Kenya i rank at position 36 and steadily climbing!

Unfortunately that statistic is misleading. Im sure that if someone can come up with another constantly updating widget on the number of twitter followers a use has that person will make a killing as twitter counter is somehow slow or not efficient as it should be. It's not in doubt that many companies have now taken to twitter marketing as the number of twitter followers continue to swell. Kenyan corporates are still on using tradiitional marketing techniques and continue to pity them.But should a company need social media marketing tips and techniques im open for consultations.

Im also pleased to see that more and more Africans and or people interested in Afrian tweets are signing up at the afritwits twibe which is an aggregating portal for geocentric african twits. If you havent signed up please take this opportunity to sign up and or follow me on Twitter @collinsom92

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  1. I agree 100%. Twitter Counter slows down my site a great deal and doesn't update the count nearly enough.

    Hopefully someone will create a better service.



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