01 April, 2009

Joyce Akinyi, Anthony Chinedu Soap Drama( Season 2)

The Joyce Akinyi, Anthony Chinedu days of our lives soap drama season 2 is back with a bang after a six months hiatus!The former couples (now pursuing divorce proceedings)were at it again at Deep West restaurant both claiming ownership and their tussle made main news both on prime tv and here at Nairobians perspective!My oh My... the two seem not to mind airing their dirty linen in public when granted an opportunity. Their affair, divorce proceedings etc are a perfect script for a sellot movie from Kenya's riverwood or Nigerian nollywoood ,and their will be no shortage of cast.
(photo courtesy of Nationmedia)
My take on the issue is that Chinedu is a smart man ! He knows Akinyi's disposition and is playing her to reveal her weaknesses! He was quiet and composed playing the rational man when Akinyi almost accosted him right in front of the camera's! Someone needs to advise her...all the mama drama is not good for her image, case... etc.Play it smart.

Joyce Akinyi just recently jetted into the Country after 6 months imprisonment alongside former assistant minister Raphael Wanjala( main cast) for failing to declare Kshs 7.5 million in their possesion on a recent flight and entry to India. According to the Standard Newspaper she claims that it was the intervention of former Minister Raphael Tuju that secured their release on bail. Indian authorities are investigating the money and its intended use and somewhere in there the D#*$ word is being used.

For photos heres a link: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/555422/-/u3qj5w/-/

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  1. Akinyi and Chinedu are a younger version of Lucy and Kibaki seems Kenya is just a Soap Opera marraiges kind of place

  2. Wow! I rarely watch news, but this lady is on her way down. I'd take what I can and run, because people from West Africa are too smart. Smarts is something Akinyi and Wanjala don't have in plenty.



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