09 April, 2009

Nisan 14

Today at Sunset the day will correspond to the start of Nisan 14, the day in which our Lord Christ Jesus died! The Jewish day was observed from one sunset to the other! Unfortunately due to much confusion, misinformation, conflicting religious doctrine most "proffesed christians" hardly know anything about the significance of this day! Most infact just love the revelry and merry making associated with Easter( a holiday steeped in pagan tradition).

On this day Christ commenced a simple ceremony(Luke 22:19), that the early christians refered to as "the Lords Evening Meal"(I cor 11:20) which would commemorate the sacrifice meaning and import of his death on behalf of mankind! What Great Love Jehovah God had in setting up the ransom arrangement(He fulfilled the Biblical Drama of Abraham willingness to offer his only begotten son with Sarah... Isaac as a sacrifice a consequence of which Abraham was declared Gods friend).Interestingly many people also dont seem to consider that the anniversary of this occasion would keep on changing from day to day, jus like a marriage anniversary if you married n 13th October aTuesday in 2008 in 2009 you would observe your anniversary on 13th October whether it be a Thursday or Friday in this way the meaning of the occasion can be lost but what do you expect when we have a powerful spirit creature such as Satan as an opposer always readily willing to distrort what God says as he did in the garden of eden, no wonder we have so many religions called christian yet adhering to different creeds & traditions.

Rather than be steeped in another controversy its suffice to say that Nisan 14 is date of somber reflection on what Christs ransom sacrifice individually means for each one of us(John 3:16) and what we ought to personally do to benefit from it!

For discussions on Easter and Nisan 14 here are some wikipedia links but they are not absolute truth further study needs to be undertaken and or clarified on the statements but they point out the genesis of some of this holidays!

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter

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