23 April, 2009

Finding Clothes for Plus Size Women!

Talking about weight... womens weight is an enigma and mine field of sorts! Most often because plus size women feel uncomfortable about their looks and count loose comments as critiscism of the highest order! But today i stumbled upon a site that has Plus Size Catalogue that is simply amazing and would make most women who feel they have alot look fashionable, beautiful and most interesting! The site is http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/?. Edging closer to summer the site has beautiful and colorful summer wear that would leave most plus sized women looking absolutely gorgeous!

The price range from British pounds 10 to 200! which i believe is affordable even in this recession period! The below dresses which range for below 30 pounds just illustrate how beautiful a plus size woman can be with the right kind of clothes and accessories!

I have sisters,friends and relatives whom the above site would be a ready resource both locally and abroad and so im off to email them on my new find! For plus size lingerie and sports wear the site also has an impressive array of products together with accesories!

The jeans category is also impressive with different designer brands on different types of Jeans, flared type, carpenters, embroidered wide leg, boot cut, wide leg jeans etc ! The site is worth a visit even if one is not purchasing, one can learn on the latest fashion trends!Visit today !15% off perfume

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