20 April, 2009

Carole Mandi's Sebuleni Show Feaures Shiatsu Expert

Last Sundays Sebuleni talk show hosted by the reknowned Nation Media/ True Love magazine editor Carole Mandi featured Filligona Ochola Kenya;s first visually impaired Shiatsu expert and was quite a moving story on overcoming all odds. The Talk show Sebuleni airs on NTV network on Sunday at 6.00 p.m and its a womans talk show thats simply inspiring ,moving and captivationg!

The show is a must watch and features moving stories that feature issues at heart to the feminine gender and my take: Carole Mandi has matured in the way she hosts the show with ettiquette,style and presence that is currently unmatched in the Country's female hosted talk shows!What perhaps was intriguing in last weeks show was how Filligona surmounted various obstacles inorder to practise her skill and how she has continued to attract a steady stream of clientelle interested in this oriental technique!

Shiatsu literally means " finger pressure" and it is a highly developed form of deep massage /holistic therapy employed by lincesed shiatsu experts("Shiatsupractor"). Depending on its nature ... Shiatsu may range from a physical ,mental to a spiritual technique. Hence based on ones beliefs one must carefully or rather conscientiously consider whether to submit to the technique as a form of treatment(Disclaimer: this blog does not endrse any form of medical treatment but simply states events and opinions as it deems fit)!

Well i hope to catch up more on the show as it continues to accomplish its agenda!

Here is a past edition of the show!

The official email address for the show is :SEBULENI@NATION.CO.KE Sponsored Conversations


  1. I'm here visiting you, too. thank you for visiting my blog :)have a nice day

  2. Great advice from beautiful ladies who have achieved in life....Great show, will look out for more videos on youtube.

    Lakini.... why did they have to record at such a noisy place? Jamani....



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