02 April, 2009

Daniel Ndambuki's Churchill Live Show

It has increasingly become Kenya's most popular and entertaining TV Show-the Churchill Live Show aired on nation media's NTV every Thursday at 7:30 P.M.The show hosted by comedian, actor, media personality cum Director/Producer Daniel Ndambuki is receiving thumbs up from many quarters.The show features guests from various sectors of the society intermixed with stand up comedy that is absolutely hilarious.And the show continues to morph and mature each day like fine wine!

The weekly show currently in its first season has featured prominent personalities including the singer Wahu Kagwe, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji Duo, famous actors, radio personalities ,politicians, stand up comedians etc. One of the most hiilarious show was aired two weeks back and featured one of Kenya's original and most succesful pioneer of stand up comedy operating by the stage name"Kasuku Kicheko" that guy is talented!

The show has a segment dedicated to young children dubbed"Toto's Corner" which features kindergaten kids and primary school children from various schools who participate in a discussion on common issues.

The show has an online fanbase of over14,000 people at Facebook.com indicating its popularity online especially with the youth and the fact that its destined to go places.

Daniel Ndambuki who co-hosts a morning radio show with Maina Kageni on Radio Africa's group classic 105 Fm under the name "Mwalimu Kingangi" always lifts the crowd with rib cracking tit bits.His success as a comedian especially came to light with the all time hit comedy show "Redykyulass" where he acted alongside Walter Mongare(alias Nyambane), Peter Kaimenyi(alias Kajairo) Maurice Otieno(mdomo baggy)John Kiarie(K.J) and Anthony Njuguna.Sponsored Conversations

The show is shot before a live studio audience at the Carnivore Restaurant every Tuesday and entrance is a paltry Kshs 300 ...so if you are in town dont miss it!

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  1. Churchill Live is great, I love it, though I get to watch the episodes waaaaayyyy after everyone has watched it, but I love it, wish he could have his own site, where he can post his newest videos....

  2. I love Churchill!! Today I ran away from work and came home very early so that I can cook early and watch it!!

  3. Churchill is such a natural. He connects with his audience like a dream and his guests are a good selection.

  4. Churchill Live ep01 noma sana. Most exciting guests: Dick Wathika and Ndolo trade words on Churchill. Legendary.



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