18 April, 2009

Finding/Shopping for Kenyan Music Online

Finding or shopping for the different genres of Kenyan music online seems to be a husstle yet more than ever before many reputable and succesful artists in the world are now selling their music online. I engaged in an exercise to find credible and reputable sites where one can get to download either Kenyan, Ugandan or Tanzanian modern, hip hop, R & B , Blues etc and from the search engines.I came up with a few credible sites which i may wish to share(though if you choose to purchase music from this online stores its at your own discretion, no warranty is hereby implied).

  • The most authoritative and local website that you should first visit is KenTunes.COM, This is the premier site for Kenyan Music online.The downloads are in MP3 format and include the top/best Kenyan artistes in the following genres: Afro Fusion, Afro Jazz, Benga, Contemporary folk, folk, Gospel, Rumba, Soukous, Urban , and compilations
  • Closely rivalring Kentunes is Kentubes.com, but somebody needs to do something about the revolving phonograms, they are unsightly!
  • Another interesting site with a wide selection(if you are a Genge, Kapuka, etc Fan) is at the site musicvideos.the-real-africa.com, among artists featured are Wyre the Love Child,Redsan, Refigah, Amani, GidiGidi Maji Maji, Ukoo Fulani, Kenge Kenge etc .The site also has listings for official website for most prominent Kenyan Music artists, their MySpace profiles... etc
  • I found this online radio site Mtaafm to be also particurlarly interesting for free streaming mp3 music. Truth be told i hardly knew most of the artists on the site,
  • Rap Artists like Nonini, Jua Cali have their site/myspace profiles where you can download music at a fee
  • If you are interested in traditional african Music the Likes of Kayamba Africa, Isukuti, Nyatiti, Coasterian, Giriama, Maasai, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Mwomboko etc then this website has perhaps more listings: audiosparx.com
  • International Sites such as Amazon.Com have a limited listing and most of the albums are pretty old, but if you are the type that is interested in Ayub Ogada(En Maya Kuoyo CD),Safari Sound Band,David Nzomo etc this is your site.
  • Want free reggae mixtape/cd tunes, all you need is rappidshare connection and BlackSupremacy Entertainment website is your site .
Well this is not a comprehensive listing but i will keep on updating it, so keep on visiting( if you have a resource please share) !CallingAmerica.com Free USA Calls !


  1. It's great to see African music being highlighted.

    The Radio Review blog on Bundublog - http://bundublog.com/
    is always looking for news and information on the African music scene - so I'm going to put a link back to your blog.

    Best of luck.

    You can find the link here at http://radioreview.bundublog.com/

  2. Collins,
    Thanks for the honorable mention.


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