25 April, 2009

Wuang Chuangfu of China's BYD on CNN's Talk Asia

ThisWeeks Talk Asia show with Journalist Andrew Stevens featured the Chairman of Chinese Auto Giant - BYD Group Wuang Chuangfu . The show was insightful especially on the BYD's group attempt to mass produce the pure Electronic Vehicles (EV'S) and the Hybrid Electronic Vehicles (HEV'S) for the World Market. He pointed out tht the economic conditions are now ripe for the World to move on from the gas(fuel) powered motor vehicles to the more environmentally friendly Electronic Vehicles!

Wuang Chuangfu highlighted that the current American President Administrations push for eco-friendly alternative energy resources and the Chinese Governments Tax subsidies for eco-friendly vehicles provides a conducive environment forvehicle manufactures to venture into that kind of production. The EV's are expected to cost US $ 15,000 which is comparable to most fuel powered vehicles and will indeed attract a huge consumer market. BYD group has for sometime now been manufacturing the Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV's) and targeted the European, Russian , Middle East and Latin American Market, but now want to forray into the American Motor Vehicle Market as their biggest importer!The show allowed us to get glimpses of the BYD Motor Vehicle assembly plant and it was quite impressive! Mr Wuang Chuangfu has a specifically passionate appeal for manufactures to embrace environmental friendly technologies and make the same affordable to the market! For that he is to be lauded!

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