27 April, 2009

CNN AfricanVoices with Bank PHB

In my program review and round up i bumped on a program that i believe should receive maximum interest from all persons interested and concerned with the development of Africa as a continent in its various spheres of life. The CNN Show 'African Voices' sponsored by the rapidly expanding Pan African Bank PHB showcases the best of Africa nad features interviews with Africa's legendary personalities such as Angelique Kidjo, Chinua Achebe, Eric Wainana,Mo Ibrahim etc.

I managed to watch the show on Eric Wainana under the theme voice of the voiceless where he expounded on his campaign to higlight social ills and empower change through music was qute insightful.Last sundays edition featured legendary and talented Nigerian Author Chinua Achebe who made our secondary school literary experience a delightful experience. The show is airing a side of Africa and the greatness of African people in a way that was previously little known or sometives given little attention in the developed World. Simply put the show is a must watch. Sundays program airs on CNN at around 8-10 a.m and it quite insightful.So to catch up on Africa's greatest personalities i suggest: watch the show on CNN (Saturdays: 12.30 and 21.30 GMT Sundays: 18.00 GMT)

Incase you missed the shows catch up online at eric.wainiana.cnn video, or chinua.achebe.cnn video


  1. Nairobi you should have posted this earlier, imagine I remembered Eric was being featured about 5hrs after the show was over :( but this week they have Wangari Maathai hope I don't forget to watch

  2. Thanks. I just watched the Chinua Achebe video, my all time favorite!



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