17 April, 2009

MTV Africa Music Awards(MAMA) 2009

Its now official! Kenya will host the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards(MAMA) with ZAIN.This comes after an impressive performance by Kenya's artiste Wahu Kagwe who emerged the best female artist in the inaugural wards event last year in Abuja Nigeria. The prestigious ceremony will be held on Saturday 10 October at Nairobi's Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani indoor auditorium.The awards celebrate the passion, impact and creativity of Africa's best contemporary music artists!

The event will be beamed live on DSTV and Mtv to millions of viewers with an expected 5,00 fans watching live at the auditorium.The event is poised to be the highest profile music event in the history of the East African regionaccording to Mwambu Wanendeya, Zain Group Communications Director for Africa .

This is quite an honour to budding Kenyan artistes in the international music arena and is a challenge for them to up their game and produce quality and sensible music. In last years event Kenya's king of "GENGE" music Jua Kali was honored to perform at the galla awards. So will be on the 2009(MAMA) awards nominee list.....watch the space !Make Money online with eBay


  1. Fantastic. We will watch it on MTV 2 here!

  2. Wonderful! I am always in support of highlighting the best of the continent, whether it be entertainment, technology or anything else.

    Wish i could be there actually. I keep saying I will travel to Kenya...

    @ Mama Shujaa: We can watch it on MTV 2? Really? ooh, exciting.



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