03 April, 2009

Zain Africa Universities Challenge!

In fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and promoting academic excellence within the African community Zain just recently launched the Zain Africa University Challenge (season 3)!A televised academic quiz competition show that will be aired twice a week here in Kenya ! In its third(3) season the show now encompasses thirty two universities from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana,Malawi and Zambia

The (32) thirty two universities will compete for the prestigious Zain's Scholar's trophy with ($100,000) One Hundred thousand United States Dollars institutional grants to the winning university and each participant in the winning team will bag ($10,000) Ten thousand dollars each.In total over Over $1 million USD in institutional, individual and travel grants are being awarded! That is quite an amount and will definately make the show a favourite among African Universities. Watching the show juggles the minds and sharpens our intelligence making the show something worth not missing!

The show is being hosted by the reknowned actor and academician John Sibi Okumu who is handling his own quite well with background clips being done by Fhareed Kimani. It is being aired on NTV every Sunday and Wednesday!More African corporates should emulate this !

1 comment:

  1. I step in the right direction, hope more people take part, not only for the money but also to learn something new.



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