15 April, 2009

Google Ad Sense Tips: HomeTips.Com Website

I found the following information to be quite useful for publishers/bloggers, website owners desiring to maximize or improve on their Ad Sense earnings. The links are actually official information and can be found on the official ad sense help home page.

First and fore most to maimize on revenue its recommendable that one learns from the masters who are actually raking thousands of dollars just from ad sense alone. I have in mind the website hometips.com .The site has only two horizontal ad units.One after the posts and one on the sides, unlike my blog(shame on me) there is no feeling of clutter! The ad units are simple and relevant to the content of the page!Anothe site worth looking at is Univison.com....the ad sense success story review page has some interesting info on the site.The site has atraffic of around 85,000 visits a day.The traffic is key to its success amd the site has optimized on its Google Ads search campaign!If you hve time ge to read the ad sense succes stories and get useful tips, visit the sites and learn something from their ad display. I believe all of us can benefit from this if we employ effort, maximize on contextual based ads and ad units and keep our online readers satisfied!I have played around with my ad sense ads and my earnings have improved tremendously over the last four months as compared to the two years i have been publishing this blog.And i did not pay anyone for that!You too can blogtimize (if you are a blogger or webmaster)your ads with a little effort on your part.

Other Google tips include:

1. Placement: Display your ad units where repeat users will notice them
2. Formats: Adapt your page design for multiple ad units and limited space.

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