31 March, 2009

Kenyatta University Strike-Blame Game Begins!

Its only two weeks back when Kenya,s Premier Public University :Kenyatta University was closed but the senate hastily re-opened the university without first addressing conclusively the isues that the students had voiced!The result, death , rape, mayhem, burnt hostels, destroyed properties , a tartered image ...etc.And someone or some people are ultimately responsible. It is true that the acts by the students to burn and vandalize property is criminal and retrogressive but the truth is it could have been prevented if someone or some people made the right decisions starting with the Vice Chancellor Olive Mugenda!

The students want to be consulted before any decision that adversely affects them is undertaken, but that seems to be a curtain call that falls on deaf ears.Some Members of Kenyatta University Students Association (KUSA) were arbitrarily suspended following the previous strike- another decision that was hastily taken by the university senate and now the matter is in Court for Judicial review. The last time we witnessed such suspensions was during the Moi era and clamour for multi party democracy!That tells the university senate something.

Some of the administrative decisions being taken against these cream of Kenya's academia indicates lack of appreciation of what university education really entails. Prescribing uniforms cannot and will not work.Though the students clearly have valid issues with the academia , they should find acceptable methods to articulate their grievances although the university seems hell bent to silence diconsenting opinion by suspending student leaders instead of engaging them in dialogue-the result is the chaos witnessed!

What a shame, but it was seen coming and in the abscence of concrete measures it will still happen!My call dignify the students listen to them, as for the Police -you used excessive force evidenced and captured on national tv and some of this students will be absorbed into the force(see Standard News item Link here) and be your employers---basically you excercise little forethought and it will come back to haunt you, as for the Kenyatta University students there are better ways to articulate problems rather than criminal activities.Simply a sad and shameful affair!

Here's an insider perspective from blog Kenyan Chronicles
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  1. Time has come for dialogue. The world has changed for good and isolation is an option in societal interaction.

    Are the professors reading? Or they have become like the politicians. Eating and Eating?

  2. To all k.u students.If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas and by dat i think we would have solved alot rather than goin on rampange wich lend to loss of our dear comrade.



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