04 March, 2008

The Apprentice Africa TV Show

The Apprentice Africa (Nigeria Version)began airing on local KTN tv las week and the opening show was a rather pleasant surprise!The CEO for the Nigerian version of the much famed Donald Trump Apprentice franchise is Nigerian Advertising Business Mogul Biodun Shobanjo of the Trokya Group Holdings (Insight Grey).There is a South African Version of the same show which was hosted by former politician and mining magnate Mosima Gabriel Sexwale also known as "Tokyo Sexwale" CEO of Mvelaphanda Holdings.

The apprentice is a television franchise dubbed "the ultimate job interview" was originally begun in the USA in 2004 and became an instant commercial hit.The objective of the show is to conduct a talent search through elimination style process resulting in the "perfect apprentice"to a leading business figure.The American Apprentice show is produced by Mark Burnett.The show has inspired the production of a computer game "The Apprentice Los Angeles".

The program was initiated in Africa with the following objectives:
  1. To create a gateway and platform for access to the exponential robust pool of entrepreneurial talent within the continent.
  2. Change the perception of African Business environment to the international community to depict its competitive laissez faire nature
  3. To create value on three aspects,entertainment ,market and educational value.
The winner of the show is poised to win a well paying job paying no less than US Dollars $200,000 per annum alongside with other job perks and benefits.

The title sponsor for the current apprentice Africa is leading Nigerian Bank PHB one of the fastest growing and dynamic bank in Nigeria which is enjoying a modest amount of advertisement time as the program airs across the continent.The program is being produced by the USA based international production house The Executive Group(TEG) in conjunction with Storm Vision Limited of Nigeria.The show is currently being filmed in Nigeria for four months starting mid January and begun airing across African Television screens on 25th February 2008.

Last weeks show saw the 26 year old UK based Hannah Bertilla Acquah of Matrix Group fired for actually not being able to sale a single football which was the first task given to the all ladies group.However the CEO Biodun Shobanjo did a bad job trying to ape the mannerisms of Donald Trump instead of being his own person.My advice to this esteemed gentleman and distinguished businessman is that you have got to where you are now by being yourself and not Donald Trump so let us see more of you.The apprentice participants hope to become your apprentice not Donald Trumps apprentice.So keep it local, keep it African.

The Kenyan participants in the show are Edward Ngugi Mbugwa a marketing Manager who has an undergraduate Degree in Psychology from United States International University of Kenya(USIU) and always smiling Anthony Njagi Miguia a Bachelor of Commerce graduate of Strathmore University.On the ladies front we have Joyce Kathomi Mbaya a 28 year old computer science and mathematics whiz and Kathleen Ndogmo a Cameroonian resident in Kenya I bet the locals will all be eagerly rooting for them to become the next African Apprentice.Next from Home is media personality Nancy Linda Kalembe of Uganda and Oscar Kamukama a marketer.

Well im sure we are all going to be glued to the screen this week to see,enjoy and constructively critique the participants!


  1. very good blog, congratulations
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  2. Wow from Kenya,
    never met people form Kenya here

    Greetings from Italy :d

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