30 April, 2009

G10- Kenyan Women Caucus calls for 1 Week Sex Boycott

The Kenyan women caucus for various women organisations dubbed G-10 caucus has called on all Kenyan women to boycott sex relations with their men for one week to compel the Country's leadership to solve their constant bickering's and dispute! The group announced this yesterday at a Nairobi hotel and it has become the hot topic on every Kenyans mouth.(you should listen to the hot discussion at the office this morning...quite some varied opinion,some are calling into question the marital status of the said women ! )

The caucus brings together among other women groups the following Organisations: Maendeleo ya Wanawake, National Council of Women of Kenya, Coalition on Violence Against Women ,Women Political Leadership, Centre for Rights Education and Awareness, Tomorrow’s Child Initiative, Women in Law and Development, African Women and Child and Development through Media ,Young Women Leadership Institute and the Federation of Women Lawyers - Kenya (Fida).

The questions that remain to be asked is such a strategy viable in a Country where Gender Violence,discrimination, inequality, marital rape, abuse etc are rife? Will not this call endanger the lives of many women in abusive marital relationships ?Is it perhaps an elitist feminist agenda ment to gain popularity for a few and that will eventually receive little or no support from the grassroots?Futhermore such a move pushes to the fore 'the sex agenda" whereby women are viewed as only good for sex and as using sex to gain favors from men? Would such a view be advantageous to the Kenyan women?

I'm sure my worthy female readers will trump this post as a chauvinist sentiment but truth be told is that the current social scenario and environment may not favour such move in fact the negative consequences will be tenfold. Perhaps that's why the boycott is only seven days, at the same time there is threat of increased infidelity and a prostitution boom during such a period!

On the other hand a question rouses itself to the 'proffesed' christian wife whether she will obey the unconditional biblical appeal for her to continue subject to his husband just as the congregation was to Christ, is the call biblically/ religiously wise? While the organisers have a noble aim to compel the leaders to pursue peace and prosperity for the Country, but is this the only option in terms of lobbying the political leadership to pursue change? Kenyan public i provoke your comments in this article....your take?

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28 April, 2009

The Albino Massacre's in Tanzania(looking Back)

Some time last year Kenyans were shocked in the ongoings in our neighbouring Country Tanzania with regards to the killing and maiming of albinos by certain groups of people(especially in the Mwanza region of Tanzania) all in the name of obtaining body parts for witchcraft purposes! The grim stories of Tanzania Albino massacres caught the international conscious of many nations. A year later i wonder what is being done to stem the practice and or educate the masses against erroneous beliefs or customs that are of such barbaric nature !

It was indeed sad to see the killings were being done under mistaken advice by witchdoctors that magic portions made from skins of persons impaired by albinism could make one rich.The clamour to get rich fueled the trade and even persons impaired by Albinism in Kenya(see this past CCI ARTICLE), Rwanda and Burundi even came under threat from the "lucrative" trade!

I stumbled upon a website that is insightful about an international NGO that has taken upon itself this worthy task .The site is calledUnderthesamesun. founded by Peter Ash a Canadian living with albinism in vancouver.His organization "exists to promote the wellbeing of persons often disadvantaged by disability and/or poverty. The organization wishes to provide a variety of supports and resources to those most often marginalized and misunderstood".

While it is true that the killings and murders have abbated and that the Tanzanian Government was firm and took stern actions against suspected perpetrators(see this insightful NEWYORK TIMES article and BBC NEWS ARTICLE on the Tanzanian Government firm response) the truth is that the issue is a social problem that affects many Countries within the East African region. It is sad that in so many ways persons with certain disabilities continued to be discriminated against or even ignored by the Governments.

As we look back at those spte of killings it is imperative to ask what can be done to ensure that a repeat attack or an underground trade in human body parts of albino impaired persons does not flourish?You and i have a part to play no matter where we live or originate from!

My call hereby is that we all take a part in informing our friends, relatives associates to treat all humans equally and equitably no matter what the impairment or disability.We are all equal and have equal value before our creator.We have more things in common with anyone impaired than thoe that differentiate us, we have more that unite us than those that differentiate us! and we all under close scrtiny are impaired in one way or the other and ought not to distinguish as against another.Killing others based on ethnicity, riches, creed, colour , impairment is crass wickedness, demonic and outright immoral even for persons without or proffesing no belief in God !

Latest News on Swine Flu-New Zealand

The Swine flu epidemic has now reached New Zealand with atleast two reported cases! After the Bird flu phenomena the various world health authorities are now taking no chances!(it's almost poetic... from bird(bad flu)to swine flu)The recent upsurge of the deadly swine flu was first reported in Mexico with a few cases being reported in the United States.The fact that cases of new infections have sprung up in New Zealand(see NZ Herald article) indicate a death dealing disease on the loose that needs to be contained!

But agian what is swine flu? what are its symptoms and what does one need to do if infected with the virus? are important questions that each one of us needs to consider!Simply put swine flu is influenza that ordinarily affects swine(my layman definition) Wikipedia puts it as:

"influenza caused by any virus of the family Orthomyxoviridae, that is endemic to pig (swine) populations. Strains endemic in swine are called swine influenza virus (SIV), and all known strains of SIV are classified as Influenzavirus A (common) or Influenzavirus C (rare).[1] Influenzavirus B has not been reported in swine".

The symptoms of the disease are similar just as for usual flu i.e headaches, sore throat, body aches,fever cough ,vomiting etc.How would one know if one has been infected.....a lab test is necessary , so if you catch up a flu round this time and have travelled to any of the areas where the disease has been sighted it would be advisable to seek medical advice by visiting a qualified medical practitioner.

The good news is that swine flu is treatable with certain recommended antiviral drugs especially if detected early! The treatment however must be administered under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner! Seeing that its raining heavily in some parts of Africa right now, please dont panic if you catch a flu but make sure to consult a doctor!

by the way you can follow the Atlanta(USA) based Center for Disease Control on twitter for latest updates : twitter.com/cdcemergency

To help all of us stay healthy EACH ONE OF US can do the following general rules of ettiquette as suggested by the CDC:

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hands cleaners are also effective.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way.

Try to avoid close contact with sick people.

  • Influenza is thought to spread mainly person-to-person through coughing or sneezing of infected people.
  • If you get sick, CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.
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27 April, 2009

CNN AfricanVoices with Bank PHB

In my program review and round up i bumped on a program that i believe should receive maximum interest from all persons interested and concerned with the development of Africa as a continent in its various spheres of life. The CNN Show 'African Voices' sponsored by the rapidly expanding Pan African Bank PHB showcases the best of Africa nad features interviews with Africa's legendary personalities such as Angelique Kidjo, Chinua Achebe, Eric Wainana,Mo Ibrahim etc.

I managed to watch the show on Eric Wainana under the theme voice of the voiceless where he expounded on his campaign to higlight social ills and empower change through music was qute insightful.Last sundays edition featured legendary and talented Nigerian Author Chinua Achebe who made our secondary school literary experience a delightful experience. The show is airing a side of Africa and the greatness of African people in a way that was previously little known or sometives given little attention in the developed World. Simply put the show is a must watch. Sundays program airs on CNN at around 8-10 a.m and it quite insightful.So to catch up on Africa's greatest personalities i suggest: watch the show on CNN (Saturdays: 12.30 and 21.30 GMT Sundays: 18.00 GMT)

Incase you missed the shows catch up online at eric.wainiana.cnn video, or chinua.achebe.cnn video

25 April, 2009

Wuang Chuangfu of China's BYD on CNN's Talk Asia

ThisWeeks Talk Asia show with Journalist Andrew Stevens featured the Chairman of Chinese Auto Giant - BYD Group Wuang Chuangfu . The show was insightful especially on the BYD's group attempt to mass produce the pure Electronic Vehicles (EV'S) and the Hybrid Electronic Vehicles (HEV'S) for the World Market. He pointed out tht the economic conditions are now ripe for the World to move on from the gas(fuel) powered motor vehicles to the more environmentally friendly Electronic Vehicles!

Wuang Chuangfu highlighted that the current American President Administrations push for eco-friendly alternative energy resources and the Chinese Governments Tax subsidies for eco-friendly vehicles provides a conducive environment forvehicle manufactures to venture into that kind of production. The EV's are expected to cost US $ 15,000 which is comparable to most fuel powered vehicles and will indeed attract a huge consumer market. BYD group has for sometime now been manufacturing the Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV's) and targeted the European, Russian , Middle East and Latin American Market, but now want to forray into the American Motor Vehicle Market as their biggest importer!The show allowed us to get glimpses of the BYD Motor Vehicle assembly plant and it was quite impressive! Mr Wuang Chuangfu has a specifically passionate appeal for manufactures to embrace environmental friendly technologies and make the same affordable to the market! For that he is to be lauded!

24 April, 2009

Haiya Website: Kenya's Most Popular Indeginous Social Network

The HAIYA website has increasingly become Kenya,s most visited and popular social website and entertainment information portal.The site owned and operated by MIH Print Africa( a division of Media 24 group and which recently acquired a majority stake in Afrigator and prints among other magazines Drum & True Love) is currently ranked at position 30 by Alexa in Kenya'sTop 100 visited sites ! The site features blogs, media items, News, Pictures ,free mp3 Music downloads , Videos...etc and is extremely popular among the youth.

It is indeed a positive development to see a site administered locally and featuring latest local news ...especially entertainment news gaining popularity especially among local internet users. The HAIYA website 's traffic in Kenya closely rivals Myspace.Com and is edging towards giving Facebook.Com stiff competition.On average Kenyan visitors to the site spend atleast half an hour per visit to be updated on its content! The site hereby receives a positive review as part of this sites effort to promote,encourage and celebrate local content! Kudos!

23 April, 2009

Finding Clothes for Plus Size Women!

Talking about weight... womens weight is an enigma and mine field of sorts! Most often because plus size women feel uncomfortable about their looks and count loose comments as critiscism of the highest order! But today i stumbled upon a site that has Plus Size Catalogue that is simply amazing and would make most women who feel they have alot look fashionable, beautiful and most interesting! The site is http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/?. Edging closer to summer the site has beautiful and colorful summer wear that would leave most plus sized women looking absolutely gorgeous!

The price range from British pounds 10 to 200! which i believe is affordable even in this recession period! The below dresses which range for below 30 pounds just illustrate how beautiful a plus size woman can be with the right kind of clothes and accessories!

I have sisters,friends and relatives whom the above site would be a ready resource both locally and abroad and so im off to email them on my new find! For plus size lingerie and sports wear the site also has an impressive array of products together with accesories!

The jeans category is also impressive with different designer brands on different types of Jeans, flared type, carpenters, embroidered wide leg, boot cut, wide leg jeans etc ! The site is worth a visit even if one is not purchasing, one can learn on the latest fashion trends!Visit today !15% off perfume

22 April, 2009

Pursue A Course in Ethical Hacking!

Is there such a thing as ethical hacking ? Believe it or not, I just found out that there is! And further there is a reputable online course forEthical Hacking available for anyone interested at EC-Council ! Ethical Hacking is something relatively new in Africa but a necessity for the IT Security of all companies especially those dealing in e-commerce or those that have sensitive information which if accessed by hackers would lead to terrible losses!

By Definition an Ethical Hacker is a trustworthy individual who has been engaged by an organisation with the task of undertaking to penetrate its networks and/or computer systems using the same methods as a Hacker would. This is usually done under contract and authority since as we all know in most legal systems hacking is outlawed and a felony. The idea is for the hacker to test the system and pinpoint weaknesses which can then be resolved! Thus the need to Certified Ethical Hackers who can be engaged by businesses in the attempt to beef up the network security from infiltration!

Just how imagine how cool it would be for you as an individual to
help companies tighten their IT security by being an Ethical Hacker?

Now the most interesting bit is that you do not have to travel abroad in order to attend the class you can actually attend the class from the comfort of your own home by registering online for the next interactive iclass! The EC -Council offer various courses that may prove vial for many organisations , the courses may touch on
Secure Coding,Security Fundamentals ,Ethical Hacking ,Penetration Testing,Disaster Recovery,Secure Programming or Computer Forensic Investigation! I am certain organizations Such as Safaricoms Mpesa Service and Zains Zap , will try their best to ensure the integrity of their platforms lest their mobile money transfer services be hacked by nefarious individuals !

To find out more about ethical hacking and why this service is important for your network security and business please visit the following links:

1. http://www.eccouncil.org/ceh.htm
2. http://iclass.eccouncil.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=68&Itemid=91

The integrity and security of an organisations IT system can not simply be left to chance.Cyber crime and hacking is a reality! Information is an asset to be protected and if lost the same must be retrieved and restored by a qualified expert!


20 April, 2009

Carole Mandi's Sebuleni Show Feaures Shiatsu Expert

Last Sundays Sebuleni talk show hosted by the reknowned Nation Media/ True Love magazine editor Carole Mandi featured Filligona Ochola Kenya;s first visually impaired Shiatsu expert and was quite a moving story on overcoming all odds. The Talk show Sebuleni airs on NTV network on Sunday at 6.00 p.m and its a womans talk show thats simply inspiring ,moving and captivationg!

The show is a must watch and features moving stories that feature issues at heart to the feminine gender and my take: Carole Mandi has matured in the way she hosts the show with ettiquette,style and presence that is currently unmatched in the Country's female hosted talk shows!What perhaps was intriguing in last weeks show was how Filligona surmounted various obstacles inorder to practise her skill and how she has continued to attract a steady stream of clientelle interested in this oriental technique!

Shiatsu literally means " finger pressure" and it is a highly developed form of deep massage /holistic therapy employed by lincesed shiatsu experts("Shiatsupractor"). Depending on its nature ... Shiatsu may range from a physical ,mental to a spiritual technique. Hence based on ones beliefs one must carefully or rather conscientiously consider whether to submit to the technique as a form of treatment(Disclaimer: this blog does not endrse any form of medical treatment but simply states events and opinions as it deems fit)!

Well i hope to catch up more on the show as it continues to accomplish its agenda!

Here is a past edition of the show!

The official email address for the show is :SEBULENI@NATION.CO.KE Sponsored Conversations

18 April, 2009

Finding/Shopping for Kenyan Music Online

Finding or shopping for the different genres of Kenyan music online seems to be a husstle yet more than ever before many reputable and succesful artists in the world are now selling their music online. I engaged in an exercise to find credible and reputable sites where one can get to download either Kenyan, Ugandan or Tanzanian modern, hip hop, R & B , Blues etc and from the search engines.I came up with a few credible sites which i may wish to share(though if you choose to purchase music from this online stores its at your own discretion, no warranty is hereby implied).

  • The most authoritative and local website that you should first visit is KenTunes.COM, This is the premier site for Kenyan Music online.The downloads are in MP3 format and include the top/best Kenyan artistes in the following genres: Afro Fusion, Afro Jazz, Benga, Contemporary folk, folk, Gospel, Rumba, Soukous, Urban , and compilations
  • Closely rivalring Kentunes is Kentubes.com, but somebody needs to do something about the revolving phonograms, they are unsightly!
  • Another interesting site with a wide selection(if you are a Genge, Kapuka, etc Fan) is at the site musicvideos.the-real-africa.com, among artists featured are Wyre the Love Child,Redsan, Refigah, Amani, GidiGidi Maji Maji, Ukoo Fulani, Kenge Kenge etc .The site also has listings for official website for most prominent Kenyan Music artists, their MySpace profiles... etc
  • I found this online radio site Mtaafm to be also particurlarly interesting for free streaming mp3 music. Truth be told i hardly knew most of the artists on the site,
  • Rap Artists like Nonini, Jua Cali have their site/myspace profiles where you can download music at a fee
  • If you are interested in traditional african Music the Likes of Kayamba Africa, Isukuti, Nyatiti, Coasterian, Giriama, Maasai, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Mwomboko etc then this website has perhaps more listings: audiosparx.com
  • International Sites such as Amazon.Com have a limited listing and most of the albums are pretty old, but if you are the type that is interested in Ayub Ogada(En Maya Kuoyo CD),Safari Sound Band,David Nzomo etc this is your site.
  • Want free reggae mixtape/cd tunes, all you need is rappidshare connection and BlackSupremacy Entertainment website is your site .
Well this is not a comprehensive listing but i will keep on updating it, so keep on visiting( if you have a resource please share) !CallingAmerica.com Free USA Calls !

17 April, 2009

MTV Africa Music Awards(MAMA) 2009

Its now official! Kenya will host the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards(MAMA) with ZAIN.This comes after an impressive performance by Kenya's artiste Wahu Kagwe who emerged the best female artist in the inaugural wards event last year in Abuja Nigeria. The prestigious ceremony will be held on Saturday 10 October at Nairobi's Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani indoor auditorium.The awards celebrate the passion, impact and creativity of Africa's best contemporary music artists!

The event will be beamed live on DSTV and Mtv to millions of viewers with an expected 5,00 fans watching live at the auditorium.The event is poised to be the highest profile music event in the history of the East African regionaccording to Mwambu Wanendeya, Zain Group Communications Director for Africa .

This is quite an honour to budding Kenyan artistes in the international music arena and is a challenge for them to up their game and produce quality and sensible music. In last years event Kenya's king of "GENGE" music Jua Kali was honored to perform at the galla awards. So will be on the 2009(MAMA) awards nominee list.....watch the space !Make Money online with eBay

16 April, 2009

Migingo Island Dispute Threatens Regional Peace

The dispute between Kenya and Uganda over Migingo Island threatens regional stability and peace. While the Kenyan President and the Chief of General Staff have assumed a diplomatic stance treating the affair as "a non issue" Uganda has adopted a militaristic/antagonistic viewpoint by first and foremost ejecting the Kenyan Administration Police who were resident at Migingo island , hoisting their flag, replacing their normal police with a military unit, impossing a curfew on the island mainly inhabited by Kenyan Citizens, imposing a fishing revenue tax on the Kenyan fishermen and arbitrarily arresting Kenyan citizens on the island. All these activities constitute hostilities and a 'state of aggresion' under the U.N Charter and all known international laws and norms.

Now the Kenyan Parliament and Public have enjoined themselves on the issue perceiving the Head of State and Commander in Chief as too weak to adequately address the issue. Residents of Kibera yesterday tore a section of the Kenya -Uganda railway in protest against the usurpation of Migingo Island a move that has been perceived as 'undermining of Kenya's territorial sovereignty' ! A section of Kenya's Members of Parliament have threatened to pass a motion coercing Kenya's military forces to react to this "apparent threat" to national security.

Listening to todays Classic 105 radio station moning talk show .....most of the callers felt that Kenya's military force should be deployed on the island and Kenya's borders as this is not the first time that Uganda has laid claim to Kenya's territory. The issue is being viewed as a matter of perception...i.e is Kenya culpable and or susceptible in the face of foreign aggresion or invasion and or does Kenya lack capacity to adequately defend its borders ? That question should bother the guys at Department of Defence and our military intelligensia.Well at a Nairobians perspective we view peace to a trillion times better than war but peace itself often comes at a price!What will be Kenya's price?

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Kenya's diplomatic stance has rather been shambled when Kenya's Government spokesman recently announced that the two Countries would hold a joint media briefing only for his Ugandan Counterpart to rebut the same firmly declaring that Migingo belongs to Uganda.Interestingly the island is barely an acre in size but the conduct of the parties clearly threatens regional peace and may lead to undue confrontation!(see Daily Monitor Article of 14th April, 2009)

Interestingly the dispute has actually generated a wikipedia stub....click here

I just watched the joint media briefing being aired live on national tv and its full of bare denials against what has already been covered in the media ,facts on ground and prior press releases and statements.....such a shame!

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15 April, 2009

Google Ad Sense Tips: HomeTips.Com Website

I found the following information to be quite useful for publishers/bloggers, website owners desiring to maximize or improve on their Ad Sense earnings. The links are actually official information and can be found on the official ad sense help home page.

First and fore most to maimize on revenue its recommendable that one learns from the masters who are actually raking thousands of dollars just from ad sense alone. I have in mind the website hometips.com .The site has only two horizontal ad units.One after the posts and one on the sides, unlike my blog(shame on me) there is no feeling of clutter! The ad units are simple and relevant to the content of the page!Anothe site worth looking at is Univison.com....the ad sense success story review page has some interesting info on the site.The site has atraffic of around 85,000 visits a day.The traffic is key to its success amd the site has optimized on its Google Ads search campaign!If you hve time ge to read the ad sense succes stories and get useful tips, visit the sites and learn something from their ad display. I believe all of us can benefit from this if we employ effort, maximize on contextual based ads and ad units and keep our online readers satisfied!I have played around with my ad sense ads and my earnings have improved tremendously over the last four months as compared to the two years i have been publishing this blog.And i did not pay anyone for that!You too can blogtimize (if you are a blogger or webmaster)your ads with a little effort on your part.

Other Google tips include:

1. Placement: Display your ad units where repeat users will notice them
2. Formats: Adapt your page design for multiple ad units and limited space.

09 April, 2009

KTN Prime Time News or Stations Views ?

For quite sometime many Kenyans have been tuning on to Eastandards group Kenya Television Network(KTN) News with intent to get the latest news and analysis but apparently the stations editorial policy is starting to let many down. While it is true that the media has taken up the role of the citizens ombudsman and guardian by frequently exposing maladministration,outright crime, corruption ,poor leadership ,misfeasance ...etc by the elite on the other hand a credible News station cannot adopt a partisan viewpoint and remain relevant!

I find KTN PRIME TIME NEWS guilty of distorting news, sensationalist reporting, airing personal opinions, bias and sometimes being rude and callous in the opening statements their News anchors state at the begining of prime time news each day at 9.00 oclock!Instead of stating News they air out their opinion on what is going on in the Country. They go to the archives and selectively bring out information that would lend credence to the stations viewpoint.I watch CNN, BBC, SKY News and even A l Jazeera and no reputable TV Station is that brazen! No wonder the Waki Commision found the media to be culpable in the post election violence.

My two cents on the issue please change this attitude and give us more content, investigative journalism and report news or turn into a political party and we swith on Nation Media's NTV.....Kenyans are simply tired of propaganda and need upbuilding information free from bias or manipulation .Dont just give the public one side of the coin, be objective or loose viewership!300x100

Nisan 14

Today at Sunset the day will correspond to the start of Nisan 14, the day in which our Lord Christ Jesus died! The Jewish day was observed from one sunset to the other! Unfortunately due to much confusion, misinformation, conflicting religious doctrine most "proffesed christians" hardly know anything about the significance of this day! Most infact just love the revelry and merry making associated with Easter( a holiday steeped in pagan tradition).

On this day Christ commenced a simple ceremony(Luke 22:19), that the early christians refered to as "the Lords Evening Meal"(I cor 11:20) which would commemorate the sacrifice meaning and import of his death on behalf of mankind! What Great Love Jehovah God had in setting up the ransom arrangement(He fulfilled the Biblical Drama of Abraham willingness to offer his only begotten son with Sarah... Isaac as a sacrifice a consequence of which Abraham was declared Gods friend).Interestingly many people also dont seem to consider that the anniversary of this occasion would keep on changing from day to day, jus like a marriage anniversary if you married n 13th October aTuesday in 2008 in 2009 you would observe your anniversary on 13th October whether it be a Thursday or Friday in this way the meaning of the occasion can be lost but what do you expect when we have a powerful spirit creature such as Satan as an opposer always readily willing to distrort what God says as he did in the garden of eden, no wonder we have so many religions called christian yet adhering to different creeds & traditions.

Rather than be steeped in another controversy its suffice to say that Nisan 14 is date of somber reflection on what Christs ransom sacrifice individually means for each one of us(John 3:16) and what we ought to personally do to benefit from it!

For discussions on Easter and Nisan 14 here are some wikipedia links but they are not absolute truth further study needs to be undertaken and or clarified on the statements but they point out the genesis of some of this holidays!

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter

08 April, 2009

Kerchoonz Website for Free Legal Music Download !

The Kerchoonz website is now live!The site is an initiative by musicians to make listening to online music or watching videos a fun experience while earning musicians royalties.The site also aims at availing music free to the site guests! Yes, free legal music is now available online !

The site concept was conceived and founded by Indiana Greg and Ian Morrow back in 2006 with the aim of developing a social network platform that would allow the unlimited free flow and exchange of information, art, music, entertainment etc. That dream recently came into fruition when the site was launched !

Kerchoonz pays the particular artist each time a user listens or downloads music ! It is indeed set to be the hottest music download site in the Internet and the next great thing after Facebook. I have just signed up and it was so easy! The site does not require you to engage in a process of verifying email...etc but has a simple sign up process!

The philosophy behind the site is particularly amazing and i would encourage you to sign up instead of illegally downloading music and ending up with computer viruses from illegitimate sites and/ or depriving musicians of their royalties! That's a risk that no one needs to take from now henceforth, and this i state notwithstanding these being a sponsored post ! Kenyan artists specifically may want to join up this platform if they want to get paid for their music online.And the join up process is so simple.

What i am eager and about to learn is how to use their ingenious widget called a Kwigget. A kwigget is a customizable user mini profile widget that displays the users music, videos, blogs and links to online shops where the particular music is sold!

Interestingly one can paste the transferable code to one's own site to enable their fans and friends update on their latest content! The kwiggets come in various sizes and forms! The service is going to be great in that it allows you to display your other social network profiles from within your homepage, so you can have facebook, myspace Youtube... etc right on your kerchoonz profile.Which basically means the site is not duplicating these sites but adding value to your online experience and that is cool.

So how will they make money....through sponsored advertising ! The site seems to be constantly updated which means it will be such a cool and refreshing site. I have actually joined up and you should too.So make sure you check out the site-pronto!


06 April, 2009

Kenya's Justice Minister Martha Karua Resigns!

Its now official Kenya.s Justice Minister Martha Karua has resigned this morning at a press briefing allegedly because of Government interference and or meddling in the running of her Justice Ministry.This comes shortly after the President HisExcellency Mwai Kibaki hired new Judges without consulting her.

For the updated news links see:
1. Nation Media Online !
2. Capital fm, News Break!

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04 April, 2009

Most Popular FanPage on Facebook

It is not in dubt that Facebook has revolutionised the way most people communicate online ! Interestingly i went searching for the ape with the most number of fans on Facebook.com angd guess which page proved to be the most popular? You guessed it right : Barrack Obama,s fan page on facebook with 6,026,726 supporters ,closely following it is Coca-Cola fan page with 3, 356,646 fans , followed by the bread spread Nutella Fan page with 3,117,849, then PIZZA fan page , etc. The trend seems to be much interest is placed on Politics, Food, Sports,then more food then movies and movie stars(all celebrities now invest in afan page like the screen shot below of Britney Spears facebook page) in that order!

But what is perhaps telling is that with a fan page a product can be marketed accross millions of people online just with the touch of a button and this should inform the many companies out there wishing to increase their fan baseand or reach a wider market, online utilities such as facebook and twitter are shapping how people are buying products.So Kenyan companies join the online bandwagon or loose out...social media marketing is the in thing!Embrace it...

03 April, 2009

Zain Africa Universities Challenge!

In fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and promoting academic excellence within the African community Zain just recently launched the Zain Africa University Challenge (season 3)!A televised academic quiz competition show that will be aired twice a week here in Kenya ! In its third(3) season the show now encompasses thirty two universities from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana,Malawi and Zambia

The (32) thirty two universities will compete for the prestigious Zain's Scholar's trophy with ($100,000) One Hundred thousand United States Dollars institutional grants to the winning university and each participant in the winning team will bag ($10,000) Ten thousand dollars each.In total over Over $1 million USD in institutional, individual and travel grants are being awarded! That is quite an amount and will definately make the show a favourite among African Universities. Watching the show juggles the minds and sharpens our intelligence making the show something worth not missing!

The show is being hosted by the reknowned actor and academician John Sibi Okumu who is handling his own quite well with background clips being done by Fhareed Kimani. It is being aired on NTV every Sunday and Wednesday!More African corporates should emulate this !

02 April, 2009

Daniel Ndambuki's Churchill Live Show

It has increasingly become Kenya's most popular and entertaining TV Show-the Churchill Live Show aired on nation media's NTV every Thursday at 7:30 P.M.The show hosted by comedian, actor, media personality cum Director/Producer Daniel Ndambuki is receiving thumbs up from many quarters.The show features guests from various sectors of the society intermixed with stand up comedy that is absolutely hilarious.And the show continues to morph and mature each day like fine wine!

The weekly show currently in its first season has featured prominent personalities including the singer Wahu Kagwe, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji Duo, famous actors, radio personalities ,politicians, stand up comedians etc. One of the most hiilarious show was aired two weeks back and featured one of Kenya's original and most succesful pioneer of stand up comedy operating by the stage name"Kasuku Kicheko" that guy is talented!

The show has a segment dedicated to young children dubbed"Toto's Corner" which features kindergaten kids and primary school children from various schools who participate in a discussion on common issues.

The show has an online fanbase of over14,000 people at Facebook.com indicating its popularity online especially with the youth and the fact that its destined to go places.

Daniel Ndambuki who co-hosts a morning radio show with Maina Kageni on Radio Africa's group classic 105 Fm under the name "Mwalimu Kingangi" always lifts the crowd with rib cracking tit bits.His success as a comedian especially came to light with the all time hit comedy show "Redykyulass" where he acted alongside Walter Mongare(alias Nyambane), Peter Kaimenyi(alias Kajairo) Maurice Otieno(mdomo baggy)John Kiarie(K.J) and Anthony Njuguna.Sponsored Conversations

The show is shot before a live studio audience at the Carnivore Restaurant every Tuesday and entrance is a paltry Kshs 300 ...so if you are in town dont miss it!

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01 April, 2009

Joyce Akinyi, Anthony Chinedu Soap Drama( Season 2)

The Joyce Akinyi, Anthony Chinedu days of our lives soap drama season 2 is back with a bang after a six months hiatus!The former couples (now pursuing divorce proceedings)were at it again at Deep West restaurant both claiming ownership and their tussle made main news both on prime tv and here at Nairobians perspective!My oh My... the two seem not to mind airing their dirty linen in public when granted an opportunity. Their affair, divorce proceedings etc are a perfect script for a sellot movie from Kenya's riverwood or Nigerian nollywoood ,and their will be no shortage of cast.
(photo courtesy of Nationmedia)
My take on the issue is that Chinedu is a smart man ! He knows Akinyi's disposition and is playing her to reveal her weaknesses! He was quiet and composed playing the rational man when Akinyi almost accosted him right in front of the camera's! Someone needs to advise her...all the mama drama is not good for her image, case... etc.Play it smart.

Joyce Akinyi just recently jetted into the Country after 6 months imprisonment alongside former assistant minister Raphael Wanjala( main cast) for failing to declare Kshs 7.5 million in their possesion on a recent flight and entry to India. According to the Standard Newspaper she claims that it was the intervention of former Minister Raphael Tuju that secured their release on bail. Indian authorities are investigating the money and its intended use and somewhere in there the D#*$ word is being used.

For photos heres a link: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/555422/-/u3qj5w/-/

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