31 May, 2008

Additional Bloggers Revenue-Social Sparks

Social networks over the internet are becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool for advertisers.While in Kenya internet advertising is slowly gaining prominence among the corporates,for the developed countries the trend is robust!Its only recently that i read that a deal is in the offing between Google Kenya and the local direct and digital advertising arm of Ayton,Young & Rubicam dubbed Wunderman (K) Ltd.Unlike the other advertising giants in the region AY&R have its vision set and their early lead will exploit online advertising medium in the near future especially after the region realizes a connection to the international submarine fibre optic connection.The net effect will be ease in communication, increase of bandwith and cheaper internet connectivity resulting in increased access and use of the internet.The East African Marine System(TEAMS) is set to be completed within the next two years hence the strategic investor would take this early opportunity to oise themselves to harness the opportunities that increased connectivity will create.A good place to start looking is the online social networks-Social Sparks is one such place!

So What is Socials Sparks?
SocialSpark is a Social Marketing Network that links advertisers and bloggers through an online advertising marketplace. Advertisers are able to target blogs based on conversational topics and make cash sponsorship offers to the bloggers who publish them. Bloggers can make money by either placing display advertisements on their blog or by writing sponsored content. The sponsorships offered through the SocialSpark marketplace allow advertisers to build buzz, generate traffic and maximize social media exposure.

Personally I have decided to sign up to SocialSpark under the user name that is the title of my blog-"A Nairobian Perspective!"( My Profile Link) basically because this is the next big thing set to take over PayPer Post and founded by the originator's of PayperPost.However unlike payperpost, bloggers can get to unite, share tips, conversate etc.It is indeed hoped that Social sparks will take over payperpost in the long run!So if you are a blogger or a vlogger join up and reap the benefits !And if indeed you join up please link up to my profile and leave a comment!Will truly appreciate it !Interestingly you also have the opportunity to vote up or down this blog and that will definately affect my opportunities so be kind please!



  1. When I got approved for Pay Per Post, the link they provided actually led to the Social Spark website first. That's the social network I wrote about in a previous comment here. I didn't quite understand what was happening but now from your article I think I see where they're coming from.


  2. Hello,
    I saw your blog on ADAM magazine and I was so so impressed.
    Keep up the spirit, and the piece of information on this post about making money by just posting, really, touched me.

  3. yeah! i wonder why i dont have any PRs. i just click the "wait for slot" in socialspark and then wait. maybe im just lucky and am also thankful theyre still giving me opps even i dont have any PRs. socialspark is basing on realrank though. thats the only site thats giving me opps.. the others? nothing..

  4. If any other Kenyans are having a hard time getting into Social Spark, let me know.

  5. will let you know-and im definately attending barcamp 08,its nice to know this time the day is convenient i.e sunday and time allocated is sufficient unlike last year.See you there!



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