20 May, 2008

Ongea Tarrif-Safaricoms Latest Brainchild!

Am I so rife with excitement!Safaricom Kenya's leading mobile phone service provider has just launched Ongea Tariff which is set to rival Celtel Tariffs which offer much lower rates but with a call set up charge!The new pre paid tariff will cost a flat fee of 10 bob a minute all day all night with n other hidden charges.The offer includes one free migration from another tariff within the safaricom regime!All one needs to do is dial *212*1# to change to Ongea Tariff.

While Celtel may have cheaper tariff's Safaricom has more subscribers and it is expected that an avalanche of Safaricom's Subscribers will migrate to the new tariff and that more and more Kenyans will be able to make phone calls through out the day unlike it was previously most had to wait for off-peak rates.The prices are set to drop significantly after the permanent secretary in ministry of Information recently announced that the Government is considering lowering the taxes on used airtime from around 24 % to 10 % which will mean a drastic drop in mobile prices!Now thats the development that Kenyans eagerly look foward to-easy communication!


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  2. nice blog

    however I would beg to differ with your post. first celtel has had 7 bob (+ setup that comes to 9.50 for the 1st minute)all day since feb. Plus calling any other network is 16 bob a minute as opposed to safcom where it's 25. There lies their trick- make it expensive to call other networks.

    Anyway this is just the beginning for real competition for them. They've had it easy so far due to the clueless Kencell nad their poor reading of the market which celtel/Zain is still trying to get itself out of. In any case I hope kenyans will notice how they've put up with an inferior network for so long.



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