06 June, 2008

Kenyan Blogs in the Media

I haven't posted for a while now! i was actually on vacation in Naivasha with some friends of mine ,my wife and son and must i say i enjoyed every bit of it-camping at crayfish Campite hotel, some relaxing drinks at the lakeside at Fisherman,s Camp Naivasha and wasn't it fine!Perhaps i will soon do a post on the Kenyan Tourist Circuit, Sights and Places to see,visit etc.Thinking of it i would love it if the Kenya Tourism Board could hire me to popularize Kenyan Eco-Tourism sites.As it is the goemaps on the right plane of this blog indicates this blog enjoys quite a good level of international appeal.

Without digressing from my theme, im back to be pleasantly surprised by a comment from one of the readers of this blog that it has been featured in one of Kenya's new top glossy magazine "THE ADAM ".I will be getting a copy later on! More than that i have received a request for a TV interview on one of Kenya's new popular tv business channels and i feel honored(i promise to upload the video once the interview materializes so watch this space).I recently watched the news and saw one of the bloggers going by the name Alex Kagwe of the blog "Alkags.com" being interviewed on KTN and i was pleasantly suprised.Earlier during the week i was further happy to know that Kenya's post election violence hot spots monitoring website "Ushahidi.com" had won the Netsquared Conference N2Y3 mashup challenge an award worth $25,000.Sadly the mainstream media missed to highlight that important bit of news.That just goes to illustrate the power of blogging! And i urge fellow bloggers and the mainstream media to recognize that blogging is not just a part time activity, a hobby etc but also can be a serious occupation and source of information.

Indeed positive media attention on bloggers in Kenya is readily welcome!As it stands Kenya is still under utilizing its bandwidth and if ICT is expected to be one of the key drivers in achieving economic growth and the goals stipulated in Kenya's strategic plan dubbed "vision 2030" then the internet should play a greater role.Blogging is indeed one arena of spurring on this growth, generating wealth,creating self employment(the worlds most expensive blog is worth more than a billion dollars!) etc.Therefore to create interest and generate public participation traditional media plays a key role.With the added attention i hope more and more of the corporate fraternity will take advantage of the blogosphere to brand themselves and advertise their products.Indeed it is not enough to have a website ,blogs provide an interactivity channel with the consumer market that needs to be rapidly exploited!


  1. This makes many good news indeed.
    Yes, publish something about your holidays...

  2. Welcome back Nairobian. I was wondering what happened to you. You know these days in Kenya even just walking to the shops is becoming dangerous.

    Kumbe you were enjoying yourself and your family and friends in Naivasha. Good for you. You must be feeling super fresh now.

    You're right blogging in Kenya is getting more and more powerful. Whatever did we do before blogging came about? I honestly cant remember. zjf

  3. I hope that you had a nice time there... Fine some of my comments are seems to be missing friend.... Please check it out!

  4. Thank you for posting Ushahidi.com - I am an American, but I found it very interested and would not have seen it otherwise!

  5. Thank you for posting my blog.Thanks your great blog.I love it.

  6. Hello Nairobian,

    How are you? Thank for your comment & I would say quite the same about your blog: good job, keep it up! This post is specially interesting from my perspective, because I think it's all about freedom of expression & information, transparency & democracy. This should be good for Kenya & everywhere isn't it?
    Actually it seems that Kenia is quite well representated on the blog, it's a good point & for sure medias should listen & spread the voice of people...



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