16 May, 2008

Bloggerwave-Alternative to Payperpost

If you have recently joined Payperpost you may be reaping some benefits from it but that may hardly be so especially if you have a google page rank of 4 and below.I have just joined up
bloggerwave in my bid to capitalize on different revenue streams in an effort to profitably monetize my blog!

So are you an owner of a blog and want to join this lucrative bandwagon and make some extra money? Then bloggerwave gives you the opportunity. Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europe's biggest advertising media on blogs and you can help them grow so more and more jobs will come.Seeing that it is a recent startup you are bound to grow big with it unlike well established schemes!

So dont wait and regret later!make the money ,just click on the icon below to be automatically directed to the site and join in at your own disretion!
(psss... i believe in honesty :bloggerwave is just a startup and a slow moving site,my experience with it at present is not satisfactory,im yet to receive any confirmation as to when i will get paid, aint that queer???)


  1. great work for joining bloggerwave. i joined also!thanks for your review at link referral.well-appreciated.take care!

  2. I checked out the bloggerware website but I've not signed up yet. I needed to understand a bit more about paypal before registering. It seems thats the only method they use on the bloggerware site. My question is, to the best of my knowledge paypal does not operate here in Kenya does it?

    Otherwise thanks for the link.

  3. while the service is available for Kenyans pay out is the issue,for me i pay a relative in the states and he sends money to me through Western Union or Moneygram!

  4. Will be checking it out, hopefuly it's a good opportunity to monetize my blogs.

  5. I would like to know how you are doing with pay per post or bloggerwave. How much time do you spend with your reviews and what is the process for approval. Great blog posts!


  6. Hi thanks I applied for Pay Per Post and my blog has been just recently been approved. I've registered and I want to go through the final stages so I can start writing. Will keep you posted.

  7. Hi. I found your blog in Link Referral and read some of your posts, which I liked because we share the same interests. Good Job!
    I do PPP and I signed up in Bloggerwave from your blog. Hope they approve my blog and guive me jobs. Thanks for sharing. Wish you luck, and happy earnings. Mizé

  8. I agree with champ. They recently rejected my blog after doing "site maintenance". This after being with ppp for months.



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