22 May, 2008

Get More Blog Traffic-Entre Card Giveouts!

The Kenyan blogosphere has immense potential and there are a number of good blogs out there,the evidence is there if you visit www.kenyaunlimited.com a local blog aggregator.However few bloggers seem to realize the benefits that can be theirs if they join other international aggregators or social community websites out there in order to get more traffic.

Technorati are monitoring thousands of blogs being churned out there on a daily basis!It therefore stands to reason no matter the quality of a blog without sufficient traffic the posts may just be buried under.For myself i rely on linkrefferal and Entrecard to get the almost assured number (actually over 100)of daily unique visits!

I do invite my fellow bloggers to consider signing up with Entre card and they will be pleasantly suprised at the online presence of their blogs.To aptly inform their users on signing up Entrecard is offering a free online E book at the following link free E PDF book. Further they have put up a new interface that enables one to "add a new blog" to their account in their newly revamped website.For good cause join Entrecard and get more internet web traffic.

And while you are at it please join me at del.icio.us


  1. Nairobian Perspective thanks for your visit. I get lots of blogging tips from this end and thanks for that too. For some I've registered some are in the queue.

    I see yours truly right there on your blog roll. Revenge is coming soonest.

    NB question - this Blogrush, does it ever bring you any traffic at all? I feel mine is just hogging space and does not bring any traffic. I'm contemplating removing it.

  2. Yer its hogging up space though the only benefit is the directory which is good for pagerank, otherwise you ccan do away with it!Theres also blogcatalog.I have opened a group http://www.blogcatalog.com/group/blogafrique

    specifically for African bloggers to network,you are welcome to join!

  3. Thanks. I'll check out the blog catalog.



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