27 May, 2008

Talk Show-Latest Media Craze In Kenya

Citizen Tv is blazing the trail when it comes to local content and talk shows in Kenya but the other media houses are no being left behind,the buzz is that Kenya Television Network are set to exploit the upcoming talk show market with a mid morning talk show dubbed Mid Morning with Jacquelin Mary Thom featuring the 1985 miss Kenya and miss world contestant and now Drum Magazine Editor in Chief.

The choice of host is not ill placed as Jacque has had enormous media exposure having acted in the Kenyan sitcom"Better Days".She was further a pioneer broadcaster in Kenya 's first privately owned TV station KTN.This latest stint by KTN closely follows the success of ,Citizen TV(owned by Royal Media Group Kenya) early morning "Power Breakfast show" featuring among others media veteran Jimmi Gathu , NTV's"daytime the womans show" and K-24 Jeff Koinange's Capital talk which is now vastly becoming Kenya's premier late night talk show! Well we the public are bound to benefit as more and more talk show addressing the pertinent issues affecting the common mwanachi hit the airwaves, especially more so when the hosts are of such caliber!

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  1. I so agree with you the other media houses will have to od alot to march with Citizen's local content.
    I saw Jackie talk about her show on Capital talk and hope she maintains the content because we have had enough of the so called Celebs we wnat to know what that old woman in the village is thinking of Global warming and all that different things.

  2. I love Jackie's voice. I can hardly wait to watch her show.



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