12 May, 2008

Test Drive A PC-Digital Planet & HP Venture

South Africa's Leading E-commerce portal(online retailer) and community based website(for IT professionals)www.digitalplanet.co.za recently launched a programme dubbed"HP experience"in Conjunction with tech giant HP that i can simply describe as genius and absolutely fabulous!

For a long time many consumers hardly know the potential and capabilities of computers,laptops,notebooks ,MP3 Players,digital cameras,Printers,Copiers and other items before they buy them.Most of the time they buy depending on what is hot on the market or based on brand names!HP in conjuction with Digital Planet in South Africa now offer their potential customers an opportunity to test drive their products.The Duo recently set up a shop in Sandton City, Johannesburg where one can go in and "test drive" or try out a product before purchasing the item.The shop features a computer bar where one can be able to expereince the latest HP computer range and share tips with a sales representative/supports agent. Digital planet is South Africa's Leading online digital store and was setup in August 1999,It was voted the best IT store in South Africa in the year 2000 and 2007 The site enjoys over 9,000 unique visits each month and has over 12,000 registered users.The site has partnered with over 150 vendors and often provides the most unbeatable and pocket friendly prices for the South African Market.

By trying out the products the end user has an opportunity to evaluate first hand the performance of a product and this heightens their desire to purchase.It is hoped that this venture will lead to optimum sales and enable the two organizations achieve their objectives.This especially following the success in the sale of the HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC series.According to Neil Watson the MD of Digital Planet during a CNBC interview last weekend ;they will now able to establish an offline presence which has always been their desire!I for one ,would appreciate getting a feel of any gadget i want to buy before i buy it and believe that this types of stores will speedily gain ground all around the world.

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