23 May, 2008

Mnet Africa-Pop Star Idols Finale!

Mnet Africa is now down to the final 24,the Judges Angela Angwenyi(Kenyan Radio Dj),Thato Matlhaibaphiri(a.k.a Scar-Hip Hop STAR from Botswana)and Trevor 'TK'Siyandi(Zambian music producer) have done their work now its up to the audiences to vote for the winners.Not to forget that Ugandan Mentor Judge accomplished international musician Kawesa Richard who has to continue giving the the contestants tutelage on styling,music choice,voice range, versatility and vocal strength

among other attributes essential for a successful music career!

I must say that the performances and song choice are quite thrilling.The presenter 26 year old talented Zimbabwean Lebogang Mzwimbi oozes of professionalism and always sets both the contestants and viewers at ease!You Go Lebo!the East African Talent search Tusker Project Fame dwarfs in comparison.Quite possibly due to the judging, the set up and limited song choice that the contestants have to go through.I hope the producers will take a cue and learn a lesson from the latest season of Idols Africa!Last week i was especially thrilled by the performances of Eric Moyo & Nicolette Kiiga of Zimbabwe, Chibwe & Debra Chansa of Zambia and Cynthia Kuto & Christine Adda of Kenya ,Faycal of Uganda and Samantha T.You can really see stars in the making.The Contestants were drawn from Seven Countries,Seven Cities i.e from Botswana, Kenya,Malawi, Tanzania,Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.The profile gallery can be found at http://www.mnetafrica.com/idols/contestant.aspx

Africa is definately watching to see who emerges as the winner of Idols 2008 and gets the lucrative Sony MBG BOPA recording contract.Now thats Game!

We are now down to the Final two Eric Moyo and Nicolette Kiige-who will win Idols 2008 this week-Africa it is your vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. It's interesting reading about Africa-Pop Star Idols. I didn't know there was a version in Africa.

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