09 May, 2008

Worlds Greatest Success Stories!

Somebody just narrated to me the stories of Mukesh Ambani and Warren Buffet and it became clear to me that somehow out of a purely commercial viewpoint these are some of the worlds greatest start ups success stories!Success comes from a number of various factors foremost among them is the will to try and the dedication to keep on trying despite the circumstances!

In life we all need motivation and appreciation !That will be the theme of various posts on this blog alongside with quotes that can help you meet up with the trying times!With rising fuel costs, frequent natural calamities,cut throat business practices, food scarcity, massive job lay offs and myriads of other problems we all definately need the assurance that we will stay afloat.Perhaps someone else's experience may just be the tip that will keep us afloat.True you may not be come as successful as John Templeton or George Storos or Michael Steinhardt or Oprah Winfrey(rated as the worlds most successful woman mainly due to her riches and remembering she came up from scratch) ,but you can in your own unique way be the greatest,take heart from the posts and excerpts of life stories that will follow and comment your heart out as a show that you are determined to carry out your dreams to fruition!

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