17 May, 2008

Kenya's Latest Talk Show-The Woman's Show

Absolutely quality content is the least one can ascribe to Kenya's new and upcoming popular talk/chat show being hosted by the music maestro Eric Wainaina's wife Sheba Hirst.The daytime chat show is a must watch and quite educative produced by Medeva /Media Development for Africa( a local Kenyan NGO dedicated to the development of talent and media productions in Kenya,one of its most successful production is the incisive political analysis programme "Agenda Kenya")Sheba does absolutely well in capturing the facts,emotions and the story lines behind some of the issues that specifically plague African women .From marital abuse, coping with rape, female genital mutilation, how to cope with the post election violence etc.

The title though might mislead you that the content is only fit for the female audience but the truth is that the issues covered are also informative and apply to the male population also.While this is not the first time that Kenyans have delved into the world of talk shows but it is becoming obviously clear that this may just be the first talk show to hit it big and become a success.Sheba comes with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry first and foremost because of being a director of Sarakasi Trust .She alongside her husband run the rainmaker http://www.rainmaker.co.ke company which manages her husbands musical career and organizes musical events.

For a certainty with its current trend the show is set to win awards in the Media industry and may just propel Sheba to the fame and class of (albeit in a limited sense for now)Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, Tyra Banks or Ellen De Generes show which address various issues especially pertinent to women.On this weeks show Sheba is set to interview local celebrities Karen Lucas(KAZ), Eunice Kamau(KAMA) and Neema Ntalel on scandals that have rocked their lives in public domain and exposed them to public ridicule.It is hoped that the candid interviews will help infuse professionalism and duty of care to the celebrity industry especially on issues relating on image projection.Here at a Nairobian perspective we look foward to the success of homegrown products that showcase local content relevant to our own experience!


  1. I think the host is quite camera conscious. There is no proper relationship between the host and the guests. Sheba seems to be in a rush to ask the next question regardless of the previous answer from the guests. I think some improvement should be done on the Lifestyle segment.

    However, the show is a good start to a different kind of programming. I am just wondering if it must be essentially educative or it can also be purely entertaining.

  2. zAlthough i agree with Margaret about the host being camera conscious, i understand that this is even made so evident because we are trying to compare it with other advanced western talkshows. I suggest that we give Sheba time to adjust. I like the show and would want to see it grow and improve. Enough Microphines need to place in the audience to avoid a case where we have to move one microphone all the way when we need to get views from the audience.

    otherwise its Kudos to Sheba



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