09 May, 2008

How Not To Throw A Party

Lavish,Extravagance,Grandeur ! are but just some of the words that can be used to describe the party set to be hosted for the premier Raila Odinga in Bondo this coming weekend.I'm sure my fellow kinsfolk at Usigu, Got Agulu are busy surfing the Lake Victoria waters at night trying to catch fish to meet the quota that will grace this austere occasion!

Over a hundred heads of cattle will roll, goats in plenty and fish for over a hundred and fifty thousand.I must say that is a lot of fish!Flights into and out of Kisumu for the weekend are overbooked.Raila commands almost a fanatical following in luo nyanza and i must say the Police will have a hard time controlling the crowds who will throng Bondo Teachers College grounds which will be the venue.Its just funny how Luo's behave on certain occasions and this is one occasion that will prove to be a mainstay in Kenyan History,obviously there will be some comical effect out of the occasion!Watch the space!

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