13 May, 2008

Tusker Project "Fake"

As one watches Tusker Project Fame (II) it slowly but surely becomes apparent that the contestants this time have 'upped' their game!the teachers are strenuously fulfilling their duties..but the judges,my oh my the Judges! are letting us down perhaps the program should be dubbed "Tusker Project -Shame".

There is a glaring inherent weakness in this competition ,for one the composition and qualifications of the Judges :While Tshaka Mayanja and Dan Kiondo are credit worthy producers of long experience i highly doubt the capacity of Ian Mbugua(Hey East African Breweries Ltd must it be him all the time?i thought we have reputable producers and musicians here [Like Eric Wainaina ]with albums to their credit) to effectively Judge on the voice quality and audience appeal of the contestants.Yer its true that he is an accomplished theatre thespian and has directed award winning plays as the Director of Phoenix Players but still this is a totally different field to a great extent.Further the other Judges seem to have come up with a follow the Lead dog syndrome!If Ian says it sucks, the rest tow the line,if they disagree albeit reluctantly as if Ian is the Alpha and the Omega.

Star quality in the entertainment industry is determined by audience reaction and liking after all the audience (cd sales)are the ones who buy the audio cd's leading to stardom for any musician.Last weekend saw Wendy make a performance that can be lauded as the best the academy has ever seen so far since its inception.AND WHAT DID THAT ATTRACT?some ridiculous comment by Ian and his cronies telling her not to be fooled by the standing ovation that the crowd gave her.Poor Ian ,alone- he can only merit one cd-the audience will buy thousands.I verily think the Judges are pushing a personal agenda!Ian almost put Wendy and not Winfrey on probation!Indeed if Ian was to be the ultimate judge of all musicians-Akon would not be where he is now!Sometimes people just love distinct voices and audience appeal is the be it and be all.In fact that's what determines ultimately who is the best in American Idols!!

I dont know which school of thought he comes from.Often unfair and undue criticism discourages rather than encourages hard work.This is the 21st century we now know better as to what will motivate.If things continue at the current rate Hemedi(Man...ooop's boy without a voice will win the contest because he is"corkish"{in italics judges own words}.

Well we can rap the Judges all we can but they wont bulge!after all they say theirs is not an easy task and that each week four contestants have to go on probation(quite a lame rationale) but still that does not absolve them of any blunders they make indeed turning Project Fame to Project Fake!For now we plead Objectivity Ian..objectivity same goes for your cronies!


  1. linah sucks she only shouts singing aint all about shouting alice was mo of a singer than her am surprised she was eliminated first n hemedi!! lighten up brother it aint all about looks u need to sing. but david and easter they rock.hav u noticed how linah and winfery alwayz interupt wen two people talk thatz immature.wendy rocks.

  2. Katelyn,many Kenyans will agree with you ,your observation on Linah is true to some extent!Wendy has talent no doubt but its all up to the judges,at least at this stage before the viewers have more say

  3. Collins Tusker Project Fame is broadcast only on Citizen right? As such I've not watched any episode this time round because Citizen reception is rather poor where I stay.

    But I remember that Ian Mbugua from last time. He's the guy in glasses who was pretending to be Simon Cowel with his characteristic meanness. But people forget Simon Cowel actually gives very constructive advise if one actually listens to him.

    And speaking of Cowel, do you watch American Idol? Who do you feel might win between the two Davids? The way I see it David Archuleta is more talented voice-wise and David Cook is more talented creativity-wise. I remember very early in the competition Simon predicted on Larry King Live that one of those two boys would win.

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