13 July, 2009

Website Review: Learn.Com

Looking for a dream job? Tired of attending endless job interviews with no firm prospects ? Do yo need help in writing your resume/c.v, job application ? Are you employed and seek better employment prospects?Want to improve your level of skills and get accredited by World Class universities? The answer to all those questions lies in an ingenious website named LEARN.COM.The Premier online academy for Elearning!

Learn.com was launched in the month of June 2009 and according to the press release became " the first company in history to provide a single, integrated platform for those seeking skill improvement for a particular job profile and those seeking to hire skilled, "job ready" workers"
Learn.com earns value to both job seekers and employers and offers a platform where one can monitor his personal development online with an easy interface.The site offers over 3,000 online courses in diverse fields. The site also enables users to determine their skill score which is defined as " a personal tracking and development score that determines a users proficiency for skills that are mapped to a Job Profile"

I enrolled in the program and was surprised to see among the free courses a course on Stress Management : Stress on the Job. I am certain that most of my colleagues will find this course to be of great benefit seeing the amount of stress coupled with pace of life and work that modern jobs have placed on many of the working class.There is also a free Course on interview skills; this may be of great interest to job seekers as well as employers.

But what impressed me more is that you can actually get to create and develop your own course, offer it and get paid for each sign up.That in essence means that the website recognizes that we all have our peculiar skills which may be of benefit to others. The site will thus empower individuals with skills and knowledge but who have been otherwise hindered by certain constraints to be able to realize their goal. Learn.Com is a ready resource for job seekers ,you can find out more at the site!


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