20 July, 2009

Walter Leland Cronkite Dies !

Walter Leland Cronkite , the father of modern day anchor news died on Friday 17th July, 2009. The man undoubtedly is a media maverick and did much to develop News reporting to the level we know of it now. Born on November 14th , 1916 Walter as a journalist covered some of the most significant news the world has ever witnessed, including:

  • World War II(2) Walter Cronkite was right in the front lines.

  • Post World War II Nurenberg Tribunals

  • Vietnam War where he declared America would reach a stalemate and that eventually happened.

  • JF Kennedy Assasination

  • Water Gate scandal

  • Mans First Walk on the Moon

For a detailed synopsis of his biography please see the wikipedia stub, but undoubtedly a great Journalist has now passed on leaving a great legacy!

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