22 July, 2009

Cave of No Return-Cape Coast Castle Ghana

All Nations that engaged in the Trans Atlantic slave trade owe Africa an apology and reparations for the heinous crimes that they committed shipping Africans in the most horrendous and sordid manner in a slave trade that span almost six centuries!What is sad is that up to this date certain emotive words are associated with places/landing points where the slaves were being shipped from to Western Countries. Among this places include the Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle Ghana one of which was recently visited by American President Barrack Hussein Obama and His Wife Michelle Obama.Shimoni at the Kenyan Coast is another such place.The word "Shimoni" means a hole/cave where slaves were kept pending shipment. In East Africa the main slave trade market was at Bagamoyo in Zanzibar .The name "Bagamoyo" means in swahili 'lay down your heart' which meant that once the slaves reached this market they would lay down any hopes of any return.It is sad, extremely sad.

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In Kenya, such historic sites associated with the slave trade include: Gede Ruins in Malindi, Jumba la Mtwana & Rabai in Kilifi and Shimoni Caves in Kwale.Interestingly over 10,000 African Americans annually visit the cave of no return at the Cape Coast Castle as a pilgrimage in honor of their ancestors. The place has become a tourist destination for the Americans of African origin a stark reminder of how brutal and selfish man can become under the guise of religion, development ...etc.Kenya should take the opportunity to market this destinations especially to the African American population as many do not seem to know how expansive the slave trade was and only associate it with West Africa.
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There is a wikipedia stub on African Slave Trade but the same needs to be expanded upon as it contains scanty details on what truly occurred in the dark past of human history.

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