02 July, 2009

Discreet Online Addicts Anonymous Chat Room

We live in perilous times and coping with life's situations has proved challenging for many. Often many people engage in harmful practices in order to cope with the crisis including the abuse of various substances including drug,alcohol, smoking, over eating,binge drinking, gambling... etc.Fortunately enough many people feel the urge and are moved to address their problem by meeting in self help recovery groups where they talk about their problems and support each other with attempts to overcome their disorders. Such groups are traditionally tagged anonymous groups e.g alcohol anonymous and the likes.

Itr_biggerIn The Rooms an online portal for addressing some of this disorders or addictions. In The rooms.Com is a top recovery site online and attempts in keeping the most accurate meeting database online and creating different discreet online help focus groups.

The advantage of InTheRooms Meetings online anonymous help group is that it is accessible all the time.Furthermore it is less intrusive and allows users to acknowledge their problems, seek help and work on it without needless embarrassment .The founders of the site have as an incentive the aim to Help, Inform, Touch, Connect and heal those in recovery or seeking recovery and provide support for friends and family.That is really commendable.


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