15 July, 2009

Easy FM's Facebook Fan Page

A visit to Nation Media,s Easy FM 's Facebook page reveals one thing Kenyans Juxtafixation to matters dealing with sex. The site has a steadily growing face book fan base of 12,265 individuals .The trending topics revolve around... marriage, relationships, infidelity(marital or otherwise) ,dogging, Ciku's Guide to being the perfect lover, Munene Nyaga's usual quips,..etc

You can also get to listen live on the day's topic of conversation and other programs. On the Easy FM's Facebook wall page you can post comments, interestingly a dude yesterday made a comment about the hubby's performance in bed which was meant to be confidential forgetting that her profile name accompanies her comments and this is often catapulted accross all her friends status updates.Thats just how daft one can get. But entry of Easy Fm into the social media arena marks a change in marketing in Kenya and many companies should follow suit. Next should be a Twitter Profile.CallingAmerica.com Free USA Calls !


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