27 July, 2009

Beverley Knight "100% "New Music Album

If you are a lover of Neo-Soul & RnB then watch out for this new sensation Beverley Knight dubbed the 'British Queen of Soul' as she kicks out a bevy of extremely delightful neo soul music.And to create a buzz out of her talent Beverley Knight offers you a free download of one of her latest tunes 'Every Step' in the soon to be released new album entitled"100%" set to be released on 14th September, 2009 ! I listened to the track as we were driving to Kisumu this weekend to bury a colleague and the track was real mellow, lovely tunes".For more details you can check out her website @www.beverleyknight.com/

Interestingly this will be the 5th album to be released by this 1973 British born singer, producer and songwriter ! That just goes to show how little of extremely good neo soul gets to receive good airplay down here in Africa!Im impressed by her level of achievements as indicated in this wikipedia article.

Beverley Knight is a Musical Super Star of African Origin. Kudos and here is a You-Tube video of her song "Beautiful Night" to be featured in the new album!

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