03 July, 2009

Twoogle:Search Twitter and Google Simultaneously

The web is morphing at a tremendous speed, i have just come across a site that seems to be a crossbreed of the worlds two most prominent search giants Twitter & Google! the site is Twoogle @Twoogle.Browsys.com

The Twoogle website allows users to search twitter and google simultaneously. The site will be readily visited by the millions of online users who are eager to find the developing trends of concerns over social media.

Twoogle is a start up that will attract the attention of the big I.T. and Search engine firms for its ability to aggregate the Worlds two most used search portals into one interface. So take your time and visit Twoogle for the most relevant and recent searches including the latest on the Worlds trending topics,breaking news, etc.

Twoogle is engineered by Browsys.com a website which was created as a free service to make web navigation easier and faster, by providing services that links and/or directly query online content providers and/or search engines not owned or controlled by them,.Browsys also offer online virtual folders.

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1 comment:

  1. I am not sure if I can keep up with the morphing! LOL.



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