16 July, 2009

Michael Jacksons Burning Hair Video

CNN's Anderson Coopers Show this morning is running a video of Michael Jackson's hair on fire during the shooting a Pepsi Commercial in 1984, im sorry with all respect to the late, that video is hilarious! I cant help but laugh at what too much grease on the hair and some side show sparks can do.

On Michael Jackson's autopsy its amazing how despite having so much money, fame and opportunity Michael Jackson had to use a generic drug Propofol (a form of Diprivan) which is an aesthetic drug used in operative surgery to induce sleep. Michael had to be literally knocked out in order to sleep. Is that not sad and definately a lesson to all of us fame,riches ,money is not everything.

Here is a YouTube video of the same:Sponsored Conversations


  1. To me, I hope that his doctors and drug-distributors are held accountable for his untimely death due to drugs.

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