02 July, 2009

Mau Mau Case Against the British Government

British lawyer Martyn Day recently informed the press that the Kenyans alleging torture claims against British colonial soldiers during the Mau Mau Emergency period of the 1950's has a high chance of success. This is indeed good news though coming so late in time but it serves as a moral lesson that impunity by those in authority may be punished even much later in time and that Governments have a moral responsibility to control their officers and to make good for damages caused by them.

Mr Day's firm, Leigh Day & Co, has filed five test cases that could pave the way for the British Government to make wider reparations to those who claim they were mistreated under the British reprisals of the 1950's in the Kenyan colony.The Times Online has an amazing historical background on the Mau Mau Period and case written by Caroline Elkins a Harvard Professor & Pulitzer price winner .The compensation claim by the five Kenyans to wit: Wambugu Nyingi,Jane Muthoni Mara,Susan Ciongombe,Paul Nzili and Ndiku Mutwiwa is readily welcome.

On the side whats all the online huff about Bill Mays autopsy and his Dual Saw infomercial, i thought by now everyone would be interested in Michael Jackson's will(Papa Joe got nothing-kids don't forget that easy) and grand funeral arrangements .

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