13 July, 2009

Make Money Blogging Using Payperpost Version 4

Blogging can be an interesting & passionate pass time activity but it can also pay handsomely especially if you know what you are doing and how to do it more effectively. For a start up most newbie bloggers may not know how to make money online when writing on their topic of PayPerPostchoice ,often times its also difficult for them to know legitimate advertising firms that can serve as a nexus between them and advertisers willing to pay them for their posts.

My experience has been to use Payperpost
if you are still a newbie.Honestly i sometimes make more money in a month from Payperpost than from two years of Google AdSense.

That just makes me mad ,so i had to share this information especially seeing that many Kenyans are now taking up to blogging after increased internet access and the landing of the TEAMS fibre optic connection cable in Mombasa early last month.The good thing about Payperpost is that a blogger simply writes on how he feels about a product without necessarily being required to say it in a particular way.

Payperpost have just recently launched a new version of their service: Version 4 which allows bloggers to determine what price they will be paid for each word in a post and or link they put up.You are also allowed to choose which kind of link including one with the attributes "Rel= No Follow". IZEA, the parent company of PayPerPost, is a proud member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association thus its legitimacy is undisputed. You too can make money online by Blogging .To sign up to PayPerPost v4.0and start earning money from home , you can sign up below :


  1. excellent post and I find it useful interesting. Will try out the suggested approach.

  2. Before I started blogging I was dreaming of a new car...

  3. Good info. Any requirements for on the part of the blogger (minimum traffic amount, minimum age of the blog etc.)?

  4. just click on the links and visit the iste for more info.

    Thanks to you all



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