21 November, 2009

World Cup South Africa 2010 Qualified Teams

Call it football ,call it soccer...the drum beats of Africa are now rolling inviting their neighbors to come witness the peak of African hospitality, the diversity and richness of African culture and the resilience of the African continent in next years football World Cup matches to be held in South Africa in 2010 !

In its eighty years history , this will be the first time Africa is hosting the event  since its inception since 1930 making it of much significance to the content. African bloggers,vloggers ,podcasters... etc will take the opportunity to present a different picture of the continent to the World especially since western media always capitalize on the wars, poverty ,diseases conflicts,negative politics that encumber part of the continent.The perception of Africa will be changed to a great extent by the event that will feature 32 world national soccer teams.This blog takes the lead in this venture.Intense preparations are ongoing in South Africa to handle the volume of fans,security risks,accommodation, logistics etc that accompany hosting the event.

The teams that have qualified for next years football world cup include (Source FIFA website) by region are:




North,Central America and Caribbean


South America

 Match tickets for for the 64 matches that will be plaid can be purchased online from the FIFA website.It is important to note that the match tickets for the South Africa football World cup are being sold in phases with he first two phases already finished.The third phase will begin on Saturday December 5 , 2009.The price ranges for the tickets range from US Dollars $ 20(for persons on wheelchair ) to Dollars 2,100 to watch the finals.

All eyes are now turned to the Final draw that will take place on 4th December, 2009 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre(CTICC) 7 P.M South African time which will see the 32 qualifying teams lumped into 8 groups.The event will be beamed live to millions of anticipating viewers worldwide.From then forth fixtures will be known, opponents identified and intense preparations at team levels will begin.

The World Cup trophy which is the ultimate prize for the event  is already within the continent but it's a shame sometimes to see how humans glorify and  idolize the object(i know im hurting many feelings here).Its just a cup although it may elicit intense emotions but it remains just a cup, a lifeless object with no definite power to help those who overly adore or worship it .However without doubt this is one tournament that keeps its exhilarated fans on their feet constantly.The games affect work attendance, families, friendships etc to a near fatal extent sometimes.Notwithstanding the World will be watching South Africa World Cup 2010.The countdown begins.

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