19 November, 2009

IZEA Launches InpostlInks Website

The Leading Social Media Marketing Network company  with a global presence and boasting over 250,000 bloggers membership  IZEA inc will launch Inpostlinks website on Friday 20 November, 2009. The move will come with bold new changes in their Payperpost website by merging version 3 of Payperpost and version 4 of the same.

The new Inpostlinks website will not require bloggers to write sponsored reviews or to endorse a product but to simply insert/integrate links on their website or on web post and earn on a Pay Per Click(PPC) basis.The bold new changes in IZEA 's Payperpost and Inpostlinks websites is aimed at optimizing the value and online experiences for both advertisers(Advertise On Blogs ) and bloggers.Inpostlinks will feature link only opportunities.

Why all the changes? according to the press release:

Thousands of bloggers worldwide have had the opportunity to make money online through IZEA inc's websites by simply writing blog posts from home.It is hoped that the new changes will continue to positively contribute to the development of e-commerce and the realization of a truly global economy online.
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