24 November, 2009

Oprahs Winfrey's Next Plan: OWN

Talk show enthusiasts who were shocked with Oprah Winfrey's announcement earlier this week that her daily one hour show would be soon ending in 2011 are in for a further suprise!

SO WHAT IS HER NEXT PLAN? She is launching a 24/7 cable network fully dedicated to self-discovery,connecting fans to their best self and to the world. The Oprah Winfrey Network is a milestone in her over 23 years talk show career .

She has  this morning mailed her fans the following announcement:

To go to the press release/OWN website please visit: WHAT IS OWN


  1. How does self discovery happen because she changes from network to cable? I know she's done lots of good with charities etc; but why is one women quiting her job such a news worthy item that's it's plastered everywhere? It's on TV, radio, in the newspapers, magazines and blogs. When I quit, or change jobs....who do I call for the coverage? lol


  2. Whoa, that's too bad. I loved the talk show very much. I got to see all my favorite celebrities and Oprah herself.
    Will be looking forward to the 24/7 cable network though....

  3. Oprah is the epitome of self development, a woman who has dealt with all of her issues and emerged a complete, whole and loving person. What she does is news because she has given so much to the world. I see this network as her way of developing a unique forum to give even more.



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