24 November, 2009

Nollywood's Nkem Owoh Kidnapped !

I hardly watch Nigerian movies, but upon persuasion from my sister , i recently devoted some time to watch some Nolly-wood movies one day.In particular i watched the comedy DVD" Osuofia in London I & II( the latter being more hilarious) starring Nkem Owoh and from that day his movies have never ceased to amaze me.

Nkem Owoh is a particularly gifted actor ,always entertaining and hardly dissapoints his audience.That being the case, i did not kindly receive the news that Nkem Owoh had been kidnapped at Enugu-Port Harcourt Nigeria via Bella Naija's Blog earlier this month.

The Kidnappers however released Nkem Owoh unharmed after a negotiated ransom of Nigerian Naira One point Four Million was paid.Nkem Owoh has several accolades to his name including the 2008 African Movie Movie Academy Awards Best Actor in A Leading Role in the movie "Stronger Than Pain" .

It is really disappointing to see Africa take up the culture of kidnapping. However for Nigerian Movies , i find Nkem Owoh's movies watchable as compared to some of Nolly wood's stereotype movies featuring Witchcraft(Juju) ,Love Portions,the usual story lines .. etc that leave  much to be desired.Nkem has persuasively managed to convince  and arouse a truly African audience that keenly follows and watch his movies.This coming from a Kenyan blogger just illustrates his success.Congrats Nkem ,may the evil doers not suppress your apparent talent to shine within the continent and globally.

However without doubt Nolly-wood's film industry and cinematography is far much advanced than Kenya's Riverwood productions.

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  1. Hi Collins I think the Nollywood movie addiction must be a chick thing :-) a bunch of Kenyan females that I know of varying ages enjoy watching them even the "crappy ones." Believe it or not I have only watched 2 movies with Nkem Owoh but I heard the "Osuofia in London" series are really good. I don't know the names of most of the Nollywood actors (just their faces) but my favorite Naija actress so far is Rita Dominic. For the guys the cutest are my favorites :-) Just kidding I don't know their names.



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