06 November, 2009

Google Adsense Now Paying in Kenyan Shillings

Kenyan bloggers and website owners are now pleased to note that they can receive their Google Adsense earnings in Kenyan Shillings. This was not the case previously and many website owners had dificulty banking the foreign currency(Dollar or Euros) cheques with their local banks, Further ,payment would be delayed for upto 21 working days from the date of receipt with Banks charging commisions on the cheques.

So are you a web publisher, sign up to Google Adsense and customize your earnings to Kenyan Shillings or any other local currency that would be most appropriate to your situation.Yes it is very much possible to earn money online if you have good content and commitment(the two C's) .


  1. This is a good development! thanks for sharing.

  2. this is really convenient. i really did not know about this. I haven't monetized my site yet but i plan to very soon

  3. where can i change this in my account

  4. should be in the settings/payment page, there is a currency drop down list.But when you log in t,in the tips section they are giving you a link on how to change the currency .Use that link

  5. This is hot air..There is nothing like this. Where did you get your info? Its

  6. Doesn't work. You can only change into Euros and once you do there is no changing back unless you close your account. You just have to struggle and get used to seeing Euro reports. Sorry folks no Kenya pesos

  7. i am on my account settings page and guesss what Payment Details tab reads:

    Payment Details [edit]
    Payment Type: Check - Standard Delivery
    Currency: Kenyan Shilling

    and that's copy paste...@Makelele why not contact Google on the issue for official confirmation, otherwise that page is deceiving me, i would love to post a screen shot ,if only i could...

  8. I have changed mine into Euros.

    Let me explain it, Once you change your account in Euros, the daily earnings reports in your account will be in Euros. But to get your check in Kenyan Shillings you will also have to change the mode of check payment. Reports are in Euros but payments in KShs.

    According to google, previous checks were issued by google inc but as from now checks will be issued by google ireland. If you have not changed from dollars you will be forced to do so in the near future.

    Sending us a check in Kshs is a positive development because you will get better exchange rates. Our local banks have been riping us off, charging a huge fee plus also taking a huge commission.

  9. @constantine thanks for clarifying to the readers and the comment!

  10. Hi Nairobian. great job u r doing here. am currently trying to open an adsense account and i keep getting this error “Account information incorrect or not provided” repeatedly. could you please tell me how to write the street address in kenya since they seem to require a format i don’t understand.
    Thanks and keep it up man.
    all the best.



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