02 November, 2009

American Meb Keflezighi Defeats Kenyans in the New York Marathon 2009

American Athlete Meb Keflezighi yesterday stunned the world by winning the 2009 New York Marathon at a time of  2 hours  9 minutes and15 seconds.Meb Keflezighi beat seasoned Kenyan marathoner Robert Cheruiyot by 41 seconds.Interestingly this is a first American win of the Marathon since 1982 and just indicates why this is great news for the American continent. The Eritrean born Meb Keflezighi was last year number two in the NY marathon and it seems he has definately upped his game.

On the other hand Kenyans back home are little pleased as this is their niche of play and the lack of a win was somehow disappointing. The women race however went to competitive African athlete Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia .

It seems Kenyan athletes will now have to brace themselves for stiff competition from Americans and not just Ethiopians and Eritreans since a number of the Americans finished in the top 10 bracket.But Kudos to Robert Cheruiyot there's always a next time as illustrated in Meb's story


  1. Did you say the Eritrean born Meb Keflezighi? 'Nuff said. I'll just consider that Africa still took it :-)

    I'm only half serious... :-)

  2. true to it! i choose the statement "Eritrean born" carefully since there is no dispute to Africa's dominance of this kind of races!



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