16 November, 2009

Abbott Medical Optics"You Gotta See This Video Contest"

Abbott Medical Optics Inc (AMO) a leading provider of the widest range of proven refractive optical technologies is inviting you to relate how better vision could improve or has improved peoples lives in a video contest dubbed" You Gotta See this" .The contest that is aimed to attract thousands of video submissions and in the process educate persons on the need to consult qualified and experienced professionals when opting for Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) refractive surgery treatment.So far the contest is receiving favorable response from the public.

The winners in the iLASIK Video Contest may win:
  • A Grand Prize of  US $ 5,000
  • First prize in each Video Category  a HDTV package worth $2,500
  • Second prize in each Video Category a Flip UltraHD™ camcorder worth $199.99
Users can submit their videos in the following three categories:
  1. My contacts are getting in the way of my good time
  2.  My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision
  3. You should see life after the iLASIK® Procedure
Once participants have submitted their videos ,they can then request friends,colleagues and family to vote for their videos as votes are important in arriving at the winners in this AMO contest.Thousands of videos are being submitted each day perhaps its time you submitted yours for a chance at winning the prize!

I have just found out how little i know about the optical solutions and technologies available for persons with vision impairment. Abbott medicals campaigns such as the one in the "You Gotta See This Video Contest" are helping millions worldwide get useful information on eye care treatment.For more details please visit the "You Gotta See This Website"


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