19 November, 2009

Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2009

Amidst a surging global economy, rising environmental challenges,poverty and food crisis ,corruption continues to pervade most human societies.This is revealed in the annual global corruption and country indices report prepared by Transparency international. The 2009 Transparency international Corruption Index released on Tuesday in Berlin,Germany indicates " that no region of the world is immune to the perils of corruption".

As usual this blog has always taken an interest in the corruption index and makes it a point to discuss the report on annual basis. In this years Corruption Index Kenya has improved with a point from 2008 where its corruption perception index was placed at 2.1 to 2.2 in 2009.Indicating that there has been some relative improvement. The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is used in  measuring the perceived level of public-sector corruption in 180 countries and territories around the world. The CPI is a "survey of surveys", based on 13 different expert and business surveys.The survey involved a random sampling of 3500 households between April and May 2009.

It is good to note that among public institutions that have drastically improved include the Kenya Ports Authorities and Private Universities. New entrants include the Ministry of Public Works, the National Hospital Insurance Fund(NHIF),the National Social Security Fund(NSSF) and the Teachers Service Commission. This revelation leaves many Kenyans worried as such institutions directly relate to their preset and future well being.The top 20 most corrupt institutions in East Africa(i.e Kenya Uganda and Tanzania) according to the report by rank were:
  • 1.Kenya Police
  • 2.Tanzania Police
  • 3.Ministry of Defence-Kenya
  • 4.Judiciary/Courts-Tanzania
  • 5.Uganda Police
  • 6.Immigration-Tanzania
  • 7.Uganda Revenue Authority
  • 8.Judiciary-Kenya
  • 9.Uganda Public Service
  • 10.Ministry of Defence-Uganda
  • 11.Ministry of Public Works-Kenya
  • 12.Northern Uganda Social Action Fund-Uganda
  • 13.Ministry of Lands-Kenya
  • 14.Judiciary-Uganda
  • 15.Nairobi City Council-Kenya
  • 16.Ministry of Labour-Kenya
  • 17.TANAPA-Tanzania Mombasa City Council-Kenya
  • 19.Mulago Hospital-Uganda
  • 20.Umeme-Uganda

Interestingly 90% of those surveyed in Kenya ranked Kenya as being between corrupt and extremely corrupt indicating why the fight against corruption should receive serious concerns for all of us.Since in essence corruption is carried out by individuals.As a lot Kenyans were seen as pessimistic as to whether corruption would decline in the next coming year.

In Africa  Botswana is placed a the least corrupt Country at 5.6 points followed by South Africa at 4.7 and and Namibia 4.5.    In East Africa Ethiopia is perceived as the Least corrupt in the Transparency internationals report followed by Tanzania. Sudan and Somalia are almost placed in the same margin which is quite an indictment.You can download the East Africa Bribery Index report(PDF)at the following link EABI LINK

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  1. oh boy, did someone say Kenya police?

    I don't believe that. (sic)

    Something really needs to be done about this otherwise we commoners in Kenya will suffer a great deal.

  2. Wa! Note that the Police of all three East African countries are in the Top 5. It doesn't augur well for the common mwananchi.

    Thanks for sharing. I found this extremely interesting. :-)



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