30 June, 2008

Kenya Imagine Website-Revamped!

Kenya,s premier online interactive newspaper Kenya imagine is set to revamp its website to include among other new features daily cartoons from the cartoonist and blogger Patrick Gathara of "Gathara's world". i for one wish the editorial team at Kenya imagine great success.For sometime i tried my hand at writing for the magazine until i established this blog way back in 2006.

My only advice to the team is to watch the political content from degenerating into personality obsessions/ cults and outlets for tribal vitriols and filth.Indeed they must not go the way of MASHADA but allow for meaningful and up building content.An advantage of the Kenya Imagine website is that it allows a lot of literary talent to find expression in an international arena, budding journalists have used the website to showcase their demonstrated skill and aptitude before seeking formal employment and those otherwise gifted have also had an opportunity to express themselves unhindered!I truly appreciate such websites with domestic content that serve as an alternative to mainstream media.

On a positive note i have just been contacted by Harvard Based Mary Joyce of DigiActive to serve as their Kenyan correspondent.I am honoured in that regards!


  1. congratulations on your new endeavour

  2. DigiActive is a step forward for you and congratulations are in order here. Way to go!

    Congratulations too for Kenya Imagine. I'm just seeing a cartoon of Uncle Bob there. Lol. Funny.

    The advise you give them about tribal vitriol and filth is spot on. But I doubt they'll go that route anyway.

  3. thanks Wanjiku and Seinlife, its an exciting voluntary opportunity but open to other bloggers to apply!



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