30 June, 2008

Uhunzi-Local Startup with Global Perspective!

UHUNZI is a local startup-iron smelting and molding foundry-cottage industry that is set to rock the international scene with innovative African products uniquely Kenyan.The proprietor of the Limuru based foundry Mr Adam Withey was exclusively interviewed by CNBC Africa's Terryanne Chebet on the weekly roundup program "Kenya This Week".The company makes use of scrap metal and used engine oil to create unique products that may seem ideal for corporate gifts,logos,name tags etc.

Traditionally the company used word of mouth to advertise their products but have now incorporated the use of a company website.The startup is famous for the polished metallic African mask /bottle openers which is doing well internationally and ensures that it pursues eco-friendly production policies by way of using recycled materials as its core inputs.The company is also harnessing the immense talent available locally from the youths especially from the low income neighborhoods.As it is the Government should encourage this kind of initiatives in promoting self employment.Their product portfolio for now includes:
  • African Face Mask
  • African Face Mask Bottle Openers
  • Mettalic Logos and Door Plates
  • Picture Frames
  • Candle stands and holders etc.
Their contact is:

P. O. Box 256, 00621
Village Market
Nairobi, KENYA

I was so impressed by their products and thats why i did this post to promote our domestic product and industries.Interestingly UHUNZI is a Swahili word for blacksmith!


  1. I checked their site before but they don't give their location. I'm doing something urgently and their expertise is exactly what I need.

  2. how about emailing : Sales@uhunzi.com. Unfortunately i do not have any of their contacts at present!



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