16 June, 2008

Tusker Project Fame 2-Season Finale!

From sixteen contestants down to eight –Tusker project fame Two nears its grand finale and after this weekend’s performance and audience voting four contestants will remain in the Tusker project fame 2 academy. The excitement state is exponential and competitor performances drastically improved.Getting to Know who the winner will be is now on the horizon!

Well if you watched this weekends performance(citizen TV Kenya, Star TV –Uganda and WBSTV-Tanzania) you might just agree with me on the following observances on performances of the students own compositions:

  1. First to Perform was David (Kenya) apparently with a song dedicated to his mother who was among the audience entitled “Ng`ang`ana Mama!” encouraging mothers to persevere against all odds. His performance this time however was not as good and I hope it doesn’t cost him; perhaps the trip to Uganda and Tanzania lulled him a little bit.
  2. Next Was Esther of Uganda-she is a favorite to win this competition based on potential, stage performance, visual and crowd appeal etc. Her song which more or less borders on soft rock and pop is credulous, quite something and unique and she set the tempo for the rest of the performances. Of all the students she seems to be the one who takes her assignment most seriously and has never been on probation and that is good! Her song was entitled “Power To Be” and is a motivational song that I hope will be used by the UN and other like minded organizations to rally the empowerment of the Girl Child, Women and the marginalized. They indeed can have just like her the power to be anything they want to be if they are given opportunities-Thank you Tusker Project Fame Academy and East African Breweries Limited for bringing to fruition such talent!
  3. Inspector Feli Performed “Nakosa Love”-He has a tremendous voice, the performance was at all time peak. The song was motivated out of his life situation and truthfully, Felly is going places-the crowd appeal tells it all! The bridge and chorus of the song is quite nice i.e. .Nimekosa Love Baby wewe, Umeniwacha bila Furaha, baby, Yeh yeh .Moyoni sina Raha-Baby yeh yeh.”
  4. Hemedi Performed the Song “Brown Color” which has some ingeniously infused a tone of reggaeton cum R&B .His Performance was alright though Ian tended to differ(Ian you must be reading this blog, you got the cue- your tone tells it all but don’t get lost in your doing it) .Nice song ,catchy chorus
  5. Linah(only Tanzanian lady left in the House)- its time she left the academy, her song “Africa Vumilia” is well composed but the people behind her grooming do her great injustice. Her visual appeal on a scale of 1 to 10 is 3; her hair style and stylist need to go! They dressed her in oversized African Regalia and she was such an eyesore and like everyone else feels she has no control over her voice and just tends to be loud. Jacob Nnsaali should have been in the house instead of her, and then things would be interesting!
  6. Steve from Uganda performed his R&B classic “Stand By Me” .The song has such a sassy finish-it is quite something-good talent there!
  7. Victor “Linah ‘s “boyfie” in the academy sang a similar song to her’s entitled “Africa Inuuka” or Africa Arise a good inspirational theme song maybe for the African Union, 2010 World cup in South Africa or the next edition of the All African Games(ambitious a little bit there). To some extent Ian maybe right Victor does not have that great voice after all but he does well with what he has got!
  8. ‘Huggy Buggy’ Wendy performed a classy neo soul entitled “Me and Myself “betrays her egocentricity and tendency to be obsessed with self! Her dalliance with adolescent like Hemedi in the academy does her more harm than good and depicts her as desperate albeit immature babe! The song is quite a contrast –there seems to be no relation between cool and calm and rainy afternoon as rain is always associated with a flurry of activity-planting, lightning, scurrying about, love liaisons etc but that notwithstanding the song is nice and can be much better if she takes things as seriously as Esther does then she has a career and a future.

Well after capturing yesterdays Tusker Project Fame Two performances as above I am sure you are eager to know who the winner will be! If you are in East Africa-the power is in your vote. Vote now for your favorite contestant and see you at the finals!


  1. Wow! This is a nice post.

    I have a similar countdown on my blog but for Idols East Africa. Things are heating up too on that side with just 8 contestants left. Unlike in the beginning when it was really just a comedy, the real talent is now beginning to show.

  2. Thanks Wanjiku for dropping by today, make sure you add me as your friend if you join Afraha,I am off to visit your post, im sure it is nice ,Theres more talent in the Idols show than in TPF 2

  3. Only managed to catch the end of yesterdays show as Ian was calling Hemedi's performance "Grotesque" and I thought that is too demeaning to say to anyone in front of so many people (even if I sort of agree that the performance was below good)The problem with these reality shows is I get the feeling that Nationality and other sideshows are the real influence in the voting rather than the performance on the day. I can't comment on the other performances because I didn't watch them.



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