17 June, 2008

Afrigadget Among TIME's Most Important Websites 2008

The Afrosphere is getting rife with excitement due to international recognition.Its only recently that Ushahidi.com won the Netsquared mashup challenge!The current edition of time magazine rates Afrigadget at position 10 among 50 best websites of 2008.Also mentioned in good light is The African Uptimist and Timbuktuchronicles .The link for TIME magazine best websites for 2008 is at click here!

Indeed we have quality bloggers here in Africa and it is time we recognized them for their efforts !Kenyan bloggers rock and its time the Country appreciated it.Afrigadget is a website run and maintained by a group of Kenyan bloggers to name but a few Juliana Rotich,Erik Hersman, Steve Ntwiga,David Were among other notable Kenyan bloggers!Once again congratulations are in order!


  1. Then how can i send the payments to Kenya? No other ya? Too bad... Then how you are earning money thru blogging. Why PayPal is not working there in Africa. Even in South Africa too......

  2. i receive payments through my brothers paypal account,what payments do you want to send to Kenya?

  3. Hi,
    greetings from http://gifthacker.blogspot.com/

    Kenyan and all African bloggers aim higher!

  4. Congratulations to All - keep up the good job!


  5. No no.... I am just asking. if i want to send payments means, then how can i do it.... Currently where the PayPal is effective now in Kenya. No where ha?

    why no visits to my blog now? Too busy ya friend?

  6. Congratulations to these outstanding bloggers ie ushahidi.com, afrigadget, african uptimist, timbuktuchronicles and of course Nairobian Perspective for bringing this information to us. Let's all aim higher.

  7. This is good news!

    How are you?




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