20 June, 2008

Social Sparks For African Bloggers!

I signed up for Social Sparks as a way of getting additional revenue for my blog, and well for quite a while i have been waiting for them to avail me an opportunity and fortunately enough this is the first post!Many African bloggers generate revenue from Google but this is hardly enough and may be scanty(most of us end up making a dollar a month despite generating traffic in the thousands meaning one makes 12 dollars annually which can be made with a single post!)Programs such as payperpost and Social Sparks however enable one to make better amounts in relatively shorter period spans due to their content!

However,to be honest enough i find social sparks to be the better option, why for example in early January my blogs Google page Ranking was around 5, when i started writing for Payperpost i lost google ranking to nil, since then i have worked twice as hard to get to page ranking two.On the other hand SocialSpark is :
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Which means one does not loose page ranking or fare badly!The opportunity prices may range from $5 upwards so the deal is good to go!

If you are an African Blogger looking for opportunities to monetize your blog Sign up to SocialSpark today ,its your interface to advertisement opportunities!At the same time the real opinion policy requires that a blogger be totally honest about a product or opportunity and not to falsely content.Indeed SocialSpark itself has no restrictions on how the blogger expresses his/her genuine thoughts on an advertiser's product or service. It's up to you to pick the Opportunities that best suit you and your blog. If it doesn't feel right, if you don't own the product, or if you can't be honest social sparks requests one to pass on the opportunity. Dishonest or completely off-topic posts can ultimately hurt your blog's credibility in their ranking system.Is that not cool.

Another added feature of Social sparks is that it is also an online social community website, hence it is possible to interact with fellow bloggers, share advice, tips and opinions. One can also get to visit fellow bloggers or advertisers website ,which is quit a unique feature!Its unfortunate though that few corporates in Africa are utilizing online advertisements in this manner but that will have to change in the long run!

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